Witches praying against President Trump



After weeks of talking to God he had giving me instructions to start a website to explain to people the danger and reality of witchcraft and occult activities. So on Thursday ( Yesterday) as soon as I got paid I purchased the this domain Holy Spirit vs Occult.

So that I could tell people about what the Occult is , what our battles are and what to expect.  How to have victory over the occult. By worshiping God. Giving people my testimony.

I had my plan earlier today. I was working on my other business projects. When I saw a post by one of my good facebook friends.

She said “Witches casting spells? What the crazy demonic mess is this going on now? ”

I read the responses to her post. There were many. And then I saw the article that some of her fb friends had put on her post. http://www.wnd.com/2017/02/witches-target-trump-with-mass-occult-ritual/


I was like wow. This is what God has been preparing me for . The last week or so he even had me post on Facebook asking for prayers against the spirit of witchcraft. So I started working on my first post to my site. I had my plans and God had his. It is time to go live and warn people about Witchcraft but also to encourage them that we are victorious.

Because I learned later that day. Some people were afraid of everything that was going on in our nation.



I want people to understand what God has called me for. So they can understand how to respond to God. God has called me to warn and to encourage. He has equipped me prophetically for this cause. To warn the church. To encourage the church. To warn the nation. To encourage the nation.

People should listen to me because I am humble. And I only want the Will of God to be done. I have no agenda. I speak only when I think that it is important. When my passion moves me. My passion for God.

I warn you .DO NOT READ THIS PRAYER that is on this video. I do not know what they have this guy reading this prayer and reciting the ritual of these witches.




The spirit of Jezebel is a witchcraft spirit. It is a little scary. I would be lying and non biblical if I said otherwise. Even Elijah ran from Jezebel. But God strengthen him. God reminded him that he is still God. That he is still with him. A great man like Elijah was afraid of Jezebel. After he had done so many great things for God. He killed like 500 witch doctors I think was the number. But he was still afraid of a women.


Next I will go into what the goals and tactics of Jezebel.


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