Acts 16:16

One day as we were going down to the place of prayer, we met a demon-possessed slave girl. She was a fortune-teller who earned a lot of money for her masters. 17 She followed Paul and the rest of us, shouting, “These men are servants of the Most High God, and they have come to tell you how to be saved.”

18 This went on day after day until Paul got so exasperated that he turned and said to the demon within her, “I command you in the name of Jesus Christ to come out of her.” And instantly it left her.” 


In the name of JESUS oh God we pray that you would lift the heavy spirits oh God!!!

As we raise our hands in prayer and worship. Oh God Lift the heavy spirits oh God that has attacked your innocent people.

Even those who put their hands in a tree of knowledge that they should not of.

Oh God we pray right now that you would help us oh God of heaven and Earth.



Oh God we pray that you have mercy upon those who have been deceived and tricked by Satan. Those people like Jay Z and Beyonce.

Oh God I pray for the people in churches even Pastors who have been trapped by the occult. Who are practicing Witchcraft. Like Saul it is as if they know not what they are doing for some.

For others they are laying traps for both the innocent and for those who have for one reason or the other partaking of the wrong trees of knowledge .

But oh God we pray for those who have been deceived , tricked and used by Satan. Those who instead of being used as your servants are being used as Satan’s to harm people and lead them away from God.



Oh God we are like your bondservant Paul. For we are just trying to go about our lives and serving you as best we know how. And there are people who carry spirits with them who are cunningly following us oh God. Trying to pervert us. Trying to infiltrate our hearts and minds.

They assault us day night. They flatter us with words. But they carry sharp knives ready to attack the openings created by their flattering words. They try and plant seeds in our minds to corrupt us and to stop our mission to spread your Good News.

Some like Jay Z and Beyonce they do it by music. Gaining wealth, power, and fame like this occult slave girl who assaulted Paul spiritually.

Others they use their position in churches as Pastors or intercessors. Prophets or Prophetess to spread false doctrines and impart their spiritual fornication and adulteries upon others. Cunningly they hide behind the goodness and methods of God to harm the people of God.





Like the Apostle Paul we did not choose this fight. But we proudly and enthusiastically take it oh God!!! We turn and we face those who have assaulted us spiritually. We have caught on to their strategy. Their cunning has been discovered.

Unlike the Apostle Paul some of us may have gotten burned once or a few times by this occult witchcraft. Not knowing what we are dealing with. But we have awaken to the wiles of Satan. The methods of his hidden warfare against you our Father and your children.


We are here oh LORD to let those who practice Occult Witchcraft against both God and his people who are ONE ENTITY as JESUS prayed before going to the cross. Laying out his reason for coming to Earth and suffering at the cross and in hades.

For those who attack God ‘s kingdom and people and for those who attack the innocent ones who are not covered and protected by God. We claim them both for GOD. And we your spiritual warriors, Pastors, Prophets, and Saints. We are united in war against these slaves of Satan.

We see you . We know that you are working in disguise like cowards. While we sleep you are planting tears in our gardens. If we see you than you must know that our HOLY GOD sees you all the more . You will not go unpunished .

You will be disgraced. You will fall. You will be haunted much worst . Your punishment will be as bad as Sodom and Gomorrah. What lowly state you are.




The people of God are set against you. We will root you out and destroy you. Like the Apostle Paul we will pray for you that you will repent before your judgement and destruction. We pray that you will be healed of any abuse or trauma that has caused you to serve such an evil and wicked master as Satan.

We pray that you would be healed of your dark heart and intentions. We pray that your crooked paths would be made straight. Your darkness be turned to light. GOD send your light into these dark places.

Like the light that you sent to Saul upon the Damascus road. Oh Father pierce their hearts. Let your love overshadow them. Oh God let your goodness enthrall them. Oh God let your Anointing capture them.

God we pray that they sing your praises. We pray God that they will pant for you as the Deer thirst for water. That even their evil deeds would turn into good for those they tried to turn away from you.

Then you can ask them. Why do you fight against the TRUE & LIVING GOD OF ISRAEL? Look… Even your evil intentions have turned around for my children ‘s good.

What shall it profit you to war against me?



God we pray that as we pray and fast. As we submit ourselves to you. As we pray for those who are walking as Judas, Pharaoh, and Jezebel in the place of Babylon. We pray oh God that their power be scripted of them.

God we submit to you our malice toward them. And we turn it into praise to you. For we are the victors in JESUS CHRIST. We stand upon the HOLY MOUNTAIN that our Abrahamic ancestors have stood on. We speak to the mountains and we say be thou removed.

God we order your Angelic Armies to strategically attack and disassemble the Armies of darkness. Render them useless and defenseless. Give them time to lay down their arms. If the do not oh God give them a taste of their punishment ahead of time.

Send them plagues like you sent Pharoah. Until let your people go. So that they can worship you in a land flowing with milk and honey.


Like Moses we raise our staffs in the air. Your children will take the plunder of Egypt with us along with our children as we walk through the Red Sea on dry land.

We take authority over our enemies. Who have so longed assaulted and abused us. God repay us 100fold for our labor. For our bondage. For what the enemy stole from us. Repay us oh God!!!!

God we pray for their souls. God we lay down the gold and plunder to you as an tithe and a great offering to you. If it would mean that they who hated you would fall before your love .

Like Saul that they would recognize the voice of the True FATHER and GOD. The only SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST. That they would bow their hearts and worship you.

GOD we pray for them.



Oh God when JESUS was on the cross. He acknowledge himself by saying Father why have thou forsaken me. JESUS!!!

But when JESUS was on the cross he did not think himself more than those whom put him the cross. It was not about JESUS. Meaning it was not about himself and his suffering. But it was more about those whom put him on the cross.

You and me. The Roman soldiers. Even his disciples and his dear mother. It was about all of us. But even it extended to the Kings , Pharisees, and religious leaders. The false cults. The hidden darkness in high places. It was for those who practice these dark things in secret. The occult of Judas.

It was for them that JESUS also hung on the cross. He prayed for them. Instead of feeling sorry for himself. He said, FATHER forgive them for they know not what they do.

JESUS used his position and his stature. His influence . His credit that he had build up and created with his FATHER to help those who were deceived and slaves of the Occult.

GOD says I am not a respecter of persons. Paul said I am the chief of Sinners. If God can save me and use me than he can surely save you and use you.



So we that have been injured by the Occult . We forgive those who have assaulted us. Because we are Judges and Intercessors. We pray for you . It is not about us we give it all to JESUS on the cross.

We pray that JESUS CHRIST will heal you and love you. Will forgive you and extend to you even more grace and mercy that he has so freely extended to us. This day the Kingdom of God has come upon you.

Oh God breathe upon them a fresh wind of your spirit. Like you breathed on the disciples. Like you breathed at Pentecost. God focus your love and power upon these people.

So that your church will be freed to go into the deeper places of bondage in our nations. To heal and set free places of poverty, violence, sexual immorality and rebellion. Let our prayers be a first strike and a continued Air raid to soften up the defenses of our enemies.

So that your foot soldiers can roll in with tanks and infantry. To easily take the strongholds of Satan.

We praise you and thank you for your HOLY vision, strategics , and tactics. We thank you for the victory.

You have already overcome this enemy!!! So we walk in your power and in your footprints. We suffer as you suffer. So we reign as you reign!!!!

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