The suffering and temptation of JESUS

The Time of my Suffering has come: My story of Fasting and Casting Out Demons

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Base Scriptures and Thoughts for this Message


Mark 9:14-29 

Afterward, when Jesus was alone in the house with his disciples, they asked him, “Why couldn’t we cast out that evil spirit?”

Jesus replied, “This kind can be cast out only by prayer. ” 

Luke 22: 14,15 When the time came, Jesus and the apostles sat down together at the table. Jesus said, “I have been very eager to eat this Passover meal with you before my suffering begins. “

My Translation is: The Time of MY suffering has come. I have to go Deeper

Combing the two Focus scriptures for this message together. 


Gifts Cost Someone Something: JESUS showed us Suffering Brings Celebration

After I wrote this teaching I saw an article about a little girl who did not have anything to give as a gift. But she had so much love in her heart that it made her creative. She gave her school instructor a special gift out of the abundance of what she did have. When you see the story. Think of how much thought and toil had to go into this gift of love from a little child.

How thoughtful are You and I in our daily lives toward God and our fellow man? How much do we suffer? We like to recieve gifts and to celebrate. But like this beautiful little girl, what cost do we pay so that someone else will have a gift?

JESUS says to be like little children: Yes indeed

It is a few days before Christmas and we are celebrating God’s gift to the world. His sent his only begotten son JESUS CHRIST through the HOLY SPIRIT and the virgin Mary.  Who was The seed of Abraham and the offspring of David. We are celebrating but God must of been suffering.

We received an gift and God gave up his son. We received Salvation , Liberty, Restoration and Prosperity. JESUS gave up his seat on the throne and his Royal Crown as King in heaven for a manger in Bethlehem. Soon he would receive jeers, spit in his face, whips on his back, a cross for a throne and thorns for a crown.

You see JESUS suffered much loss. In order for us to have Salvation, Liberty, Restoration, and Prosperity.


2 Timothy 12:11-12

This is a trustworthy saying:

If we die with him,

we will also live with him.

12 If we endure hardship,

we will reign with him.


The Test of a Disciple: How Many of Christians Today Pass this Test? 

So the overriding question is our lives. What have we lost for CHRIST? What have we suffered? With so many mega ministries, super preachers, and super Christians. #Sarcasm 

What is the true test of a Disciple. This is not to belittle anyone but if the shoe fits those who are puffed up please wear it. This is to challenge and encourage real Christians who want to make an impact on the world and fight major battles for God. 

Matthew 19:27 Then Peter said to him, “We’ve given up everything to follow you. What will we get?”

Jesus agreed with this premise. After the Rich ruler refused to give up his wealth to follow JESUS. Peter made this statement. I believe what JESUS was saying was not only about money but about our commitment to him. 

What have you suffered for the Kingdom? A few hours a week? That is more like a hobby. I am not questioning people ‘s salvation. But we need a greater commitment if we are going to have a greater impact and win major spiritual warfare engagements. 

Below you will see more how CHRIST had prepared himself and was preparing the Disciples to be Discipline. Discipline Soldiers. Discipline in Suffering. Aka prayer, fasting, and giving of one self as a sacrifice.

So much so that the Apostle Paul at a time very close to his death as he was admonishing Timothy.

2 Timothy 2:3 Endure suffering along with me, as a good soldier of Christ Jesus. 4 Soldiers don’t get tied up in the affairs of civilian life, for then they cannot please the officer who enlisted them

Jesus taught us: Suffering is a Key Part of Victory in Spiritual Warfare

Like Christ , When you are born into this world. Every man , woman, and child are born into a war zone. But this is so very true for certain people who are on the front lines of spiritual warfare. There are certain people who are called to deep , heavy , and dangerous spiritual warfare. Just like any type of warfare.

You are going to have people who serve in different capacities. If you have come to this website that I created to share my experience in battling the forces of the occult and darkness in the church and in the world. You are probably like me.

Called to the front lines of spiritual warfare. Some of you have just been drawn in for some temporary battles that you have to win to have a normal life. Sickness, disease, a bout with depression. Demonic oppression or possession.

But some of us are in this for life. So what do we do?

We learn from the JESUS and the the men and women of God how to win in heavy spiritual warfare.

Why did JESUS go into major suffering and Spiritual Warfare?

Because he knew there is much work to do in our world.

So my next question. Why does our church today act like we are so holy but we are so selfish? We are so unholy. We are so not following God and winning in Spiritual warfare. Like there is not battles RIGHT IN FRONT OF US.

This is why JESUS fasted so powerfully. He taught us to Suffer, Serve, and Live Righteously so that we would overcome Satan.

Jesus said server others
Jesus said serve others

But how can we serve others when we are serving ourselves?

If you are not willing to suffer. YOU WILL NOT OVERCOME TEMPTATION. You will not

If you are not led by the HOLY SPIRIT. If you do not follow the HOLY SPIRIT . You will not overcome temptation.

How can you then be used by God?

This same Preacher so called Prophet Pastor Brian Carn was caught plagiarizing a witch’s prophecy

If your leaders are not suffering will you? No. Not if you do the exact opposite of what your leaders are doing

The Time of my Suffering has come: My story of Fasting and Casting Out Demons

My major point and the inspiration for this teaching comes from first hand experience. I was living my life like a regular Joe Smoe. I thought that I could just go to church say some prayers and read my Bible. I would overcome the spiritual warfare that I was in. But God was calling me deeper. I was not going to stop and defeat the heavy spiritual attacks that were coming against me and my family unless I became a full time soldier in God’s Army. Not a Reserve soldier or even less committed.

Oh I have to work. Oh I have to take care of my child. Oh I have to rest. Oh I have to build this business. Those are some of the things that get in our way when we are called to a deeper walk with God. We are not unlike the Disciples. They really did not understand the commitment and sacrifice it was going to take to serve JESUS.

Here is the mindset we need to have. The same mindset that JESUS had. Don ‘t pattern yourself after your Pastor, or your parents, or your friends. They might mislead you or lead you wrong.

Follow JESUS!

First things first. Our Enemy Satan. His mission and his job is to Kill, Steal, and Destroy. He is full time on his job. He is dedicated. He is crafty, and he is Cunning.

Our Flesh works in concert with Satan to destroy our lives. Saying put yourself first. Put God last. Be like Satan and have pride , grief and disobedience.

Secondly: Ask yourself a question. Why did JESUS go to such extremes in Fasting and Praying before he started his Ministry?

The answer is clear. Three Main Reasons

  1. He was following the HOLY SPIRIT
  2. He needed to get power to stand Against the temptation Satan
  3. He needed to Suffer to get the Power to stand against Satan
  4. He was teaching us his Disciples how to Do 1 ,2, and 3

Let’s think about it. JESUS was a man just like you and I. He wept. Yes JESUS wept! He got tired. He got angry. He got hungry. He was betrayed. He did not want to suffer the pain and agony of the cross.

The suffering and temptation of JESUS
The suffering and temptation of JESUS

So why did he fast for 40 days in the Wilderness to start his ministry? Because he knew he had to stop Satan from Killing , Stealing , and Destroying. Killing him spiritually through temptation. Stealing from him spiritually through temptation. Destroying spiritually through temptation.

So JESUS went through what I call the Crucifixion before the Crucifixion. Hear this. This is the key.

JESUS lays down his Life Before the Crucifiction

JESUS being led by the HOLY SPIRIT knew that he had to crucify his flesh in order to overcome temptation. This enabled JESUS to later say that I have overcome the world. So that you can overcome the world.

I think when we think of Killing , Stealing , and Destroying we think of the physical death, thievery, and destruction that is caused by evil aka sin in our world. Yes we are correct. But I also think that we do not think enough of the Spiritual death, thievery, and destruction that comes spiritually before the physical death , thievery, and destruction.

If we can stop the Spiritual evil and destruction. We can limit the Physical evil and destruction.

So we walk in the Spirit so that we do not fulfil the lust of the flesh.

This brings our Christians church , Christians culture, and ourselves personally to a great dilemma. The same dilemma that CHRIST had to face. The same dilemma that the Disciples had to face. We have to decide to suffer through fasting, prayer, Bible reading, Bible study, and a life devoted to being an upstanding Righteous Christian and citizen.

As we look at the Christian affect on our nation and culture in America. I believe that we give ourselves much to high a grade on this. This is seen in JESUS rebuke of the 12 churches in the book of Revelation. So if JESUS is rebuking the church he is rebuking the Pastors and the Saints.

You and I! We need to repent. Like Peter we need to repent.

If we do not suffer for Christ. We will not win the spiritual battles that are so tough.


JESUS tells Peter the Stakes of Spiritual Warfare

No ye not that Satan is trying to KILL us? He is wants to Kill your family. He wants to possess your marriage. He wants to destroy your finances. He wants to keep us sick. He wants to divide the church. He wants to weaken the church.

He wants to control the church.

JESUS put it like this.

Peter Satan wishes to sift you as wheat. But I have prayed for you that your faith fell not. And when you have repented strengthen your brother.

I stand to you today as Peter. For I have sinned against God. By not following the leading of the HOLY SPIRIT into the wilderness to Suffer.

So I stand here today after I have repented. To strengthen you my brothers and sisters.

Do you need to repent? Do you need to suffer? Do you need to Crucify your flesh? We all do. But if you are on the front lines of spiritual warfare YOU MUST.

I invite you in with me to do so.

Why did Peter need to repent? Because JESUS knew that he would deny him. So in advance JESUS was asking Peter to repent and not faint under the pressure of the Spiritual warfare to come.

Peter was in fact the one who JESUS call Satan. Saying Get thee behind me Satan. You are a dangerous trap to me.

Before you read the passage let me ask you a question.

Would you call the average life of a Christian Pastor or Christian suffering?

Preparing a Bible Study. Preparing a message. Singing on the praise team? Playing music in a church? Sitting in the Pews? Even cleaning the church? Yes it is suffering. Serving and Suffering . But God requires more of us!!!!

  • Note that JESUS says that he is going to Suffer. The Suffering I refer to is
  • Fasting
  • Prayer
  • Bible Study
  • Serving
  • Evangelism and
  • Righteous Upstanding Christian living

In my experience as a Christian for 21 years is. We need to learn to suffer! We need to expect suffering. We need to go into suffering like JESUS did in the wilderness and at the Cross:

Matthew 16 : 21 From then on Jesus began to tell his disciples plainly that it was necessary for him to go to Jerusalem, and that he would suffer many terrible things at the hands of the elders, the leading priests, and the teachers of religious law. He would be killed, but on the third day he would be raised from the dead.

22But Peter took him aside and began to reprimand him for saying such things. “Heaven forbid, Lord,” he said. “This will never happen to you!”

23Jesus turned to Peter and said, “Get away from me, Satan! You are a dangerous trap to me. You are seeing things merely from a human point of view, not from God’s.”

24Then Jesus said to his disciples, “If any of you wants to be my follower, you must turn from your selfish ways, take up your cross, and follow me. 25If you try to hang on to your life, you will lose it. But if you give up your life for my sake, you will save it. 26And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul?l Is anything worth more than your soul? 27For the Son of Man will come with his angels in the glory of his Father and will judge all people according to their deeds. 28And I tell you the truth, some standing here right now will not die before they see the Son of Man coming in his Kingdom.”

Why did JESUS say that to Peter whom he LOVED!!!!!!!! Yes JESUS loved PETER!!!!! PETER LOVED JESUS!!!!! Why would JESUS say that to Peter????

The key is what I am sharing with you today. The key is a great man like Peter was trying to stop JESUS for suffering. But the physical, and emotional suffering is what JESUS had to accept and go through in order to have spiritual victory over Satan. So if you are the enemy. What do you do? You use people close to JESUS to stop him from wanting to suffer.

Why was JESUS so adamant, direct and strong in his rebuke of Peter. A great man who left all to follow JESUS. Well not quite. Not yet as JESUS had pointed out in the gospels. But he left a lot to follow JESUS.

JESUS was adamant and strong because even for JESUS making this decision was so hard for him to do. We are talking about God. We are talking about the Son of God. So why do so many preachers, Pastors, and Christians act like they have suffered so much for CHRIST and like suffering for CHRIST is so easy.

It is in fact not. It is very hard.

What does Peter ‘s attempt to stop JESUS from going to the cross show us? Many things but in the case of suffering for Spirtual victory.

it shows me that Peter was not at the point of being willing to suffer for spiritual victory. Well we see that when he denied Christ after saying that he would not. Ah ha. So Peter did not understand how hard it was going to be.

As great as Peter was. As close to JESUS as Peter was. The great things that Peter did with JESUS. The great things that JESUS said about Peter. You are the Peter… Upon this Rock I build my church. I believe it is a personal relationship with JESUS CHRIST. Not Peter by the way. But Peter gave the revelation.

But he was not willing to suffer for Christ yet. In fact he did not know what it was going to take to restore the Kingdom of Israel. The Kingdom of God.

If you are not doing something than how can you lead others in doing it? Peter was not willing to suffer. So he wanted JESUS not to suffer. Which is terribly destructive. Because JESUS was going to show Peter how to suffer. He was in fact showing Peter how to suffer. From the day he told Peter and the disciples to Follow him.

They began to learn how to suffer. But JESUS wanted more. He needed more!!!

Why is this important?

I think that many of our Pastors do not know as well. If the Pastors don ‘t know the sheep won ‘t. If the Shepherd will not suffer the Sheep will not. They will be follow the Shepherd wherever he goes.

This is why I believe JESUS looked upon the crowd with compassion. Like Sheep without a Shepherd. Then he said the Harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few. Why? Because he knew that without suffering there would be no harvest.

But this is not about our Pastors or churches. This is about us as individuals. But I justed wanted to show us why we do not know how to Suffer.

This is essential in order to win the Spiritual battles that we have to face to defeat Satan.

By the time you are finished reading this post. You will understand how to get the power to Cast out Demons like JESUS said you would!

One huge part of this is learning how to pick up your cross and Suffer.

What does Casting out Demons really mean. Life and Life more abundantly!!!

Practically speaking it means a better life and a better society for you and your family!!!

Mark 16:17 These miraculous signs will accompany those who believe: They will cast out demons in my name, and they will speak in new languages

Focus Scripture

Luke 22: 14,15 When the time came, Jesus and the apostles sat down together at the table. Jesus said, “I have been very eager to eat this Passover meal with you before my suffering begins. “

If you are in a heavy Spiritual battle and you have not crucified your flesh. If you think you can win spiritual battles in your own strength.

This is what it looks like. Have you ever felt like this? I have!

Fighting Spiritual Battles in the Flesh

This is how it looks when you fight a Spiritual Battle and you have crucified your flesh. Allowing the Spirit of God to fight the Battle for you. Have you ever felt like this? I do!!!

How to win in Spiritual Warfare Casting out demons

This is much like David and Goliath! I want to be like David!!!

Unfortunately the first picture was me. Until I got fed up of the struggle and of losing. Although I had my victories. I was not consistent. This post is me sharing how I finally followed the HOLY SPIRIT into Spiritual Warfare instead of going in my flesh.

I didn’t mean to go in my flesh. It was complicated. But now I am here with fruit to share!!!

Welcome to my website focused on Spiritual Warfare. Let’s jump right in to my latest message.

The Key to understand what I mean by Suffering in this message is: 

Suffering =

  • Praying
  • Fasting
  • Bible Reading
  • Putting God’s will First
  • Obedience
  • Putting on a Godly Character

JESUS being tempted in the wilderness by Satan is a powerful picture of what Satan does to us in Spiritual Warfare. So what did JESUS do to be ready for this spiritual attack?

He had a SUPER relationship with God. How was this relationship built. Through suffering. Through fasting in this case. A powerful way to win spiritual battles. I will be sharing how Suffering is a key element of us conquering the forces of darkness for ourselves and others.

Jesus wins spiritual warfare against Satan

There is suffering involved in all of these activities

  • Fasting
  • Praying
  • Bible Reading
  • Loving
  • Sharing
  • Giving

This suffering unlocks the power of God!

Note: If you do not have these gifts or disciplines than ask God for it! I asked God for it several times this year. It was so hard for me to get into a praying and fasting grove. A Bible Study grove. Now I am in it!!! Just a week after asking for it again. I forgot that I asked for it!!!

I am now here encouraging you to be a prayer, fasting, and Bible Reading warrior.

Fasting and Casting Out Demons

As we see with JESUS. Before you can begin your Earthly ministry you must learn how to suffer. Suffering is associated with and Linked with Spiritual Victories

Why? Because when you go into heavy spiritual Warfare

  • You will need the humility that suffering brings
  • You will need to learn how to eat off of the Word of God not just bread
  • You will need to learn how to trust and seek God in every circumstance
  • You will need to learn to crucify your flesh aka Slowly and painfully kill your flesh. In fact it is like torture
  • You will need to learn to battle opposition when you are at your weakest , When you are hungry and food tempts you. What do you do? Do you fold or do you pull on the weapons of your warfare?
  • You will need to learn how to draw closer to God
  • You will need to learn how to get God ‘s attention and how to move his hand
  • You will need to show that you want to please God and serve others
  • You will need to bury your affections for the temporal things of this world and set your affections on things that are higher and everlasting

It is amazing how we miss certain things that are so clear and awesome. But that is why we minister to each other. I can help you see what you do not and you can help me see what I do not.


It is very interesting to note that the HOLY SPIRIT led JESUS into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil!!!


I just got confirmation of a revelation that confirms a theory of mine. The HOLY SPIRIT led JESUS into the wilderness to be tempted by the Devil. So you mean God allows Satan to spiritually attack us ?

I mean was not JESUS hearing voices and seeing things that were not there in human form. The answer is according to the scriptures this is correct. So why do you think someone is crazy , insane, or in sin because they are hearing voices and seeing things.

Not all the time!!! Not all the time.

Back to my original thought


JESUS at the start of his ministry voluntary crucified his flesh. At the end of his ministry his flesh was voluntary crucified.

So we see the Suffering of his flesh to win Heavy and Great Spiritual Warfare battles.

This is a very important truth and power that I think Christians lose in the American church culture.

My prayer as I ended my first fasting and prayer time today:

Father I thank you for this time of suffering LORD GOD. For I partake in this suffering with you and not alone. I pray that many others will join in this suffering. For the harvest is plentiful but the Laborers are few. So you said pray therefore for laborers. So I pray for others to partake in suffering with us! Amen

My Definition of what I call Cross Suffering

  • Special focus on Prayer time with God
  • Praying for others
  • Praying for the tearing down of strongholds
  • Fasting
  • Becoming a Fasting warrior
  • Bible Reading
  • Personal Bible Study
  • Following the HOLY SPIRIT in what other battle instructions he gives you
  • Working in your Ministry
  • Community Ministry and service to your Neighbors

Praying in Spiritual Warfare Casting out Demons

Today I going to help you understand why you MUST SUFFER like JESUS in order to win your Spiritual Battles. If you know someone who is hearing voices, fighting lust, fighting a pornagraphic addiction, or needing deliverance of any kind. You want to understand what I am going to share and to share it with them. There is a VERY GOOD CHANCE that the reason why they have not been delivered is that they have chosen to please their flesh instead of Suffering.

The exact opposite of what JESUS showed us in the Bible. Is there a demon that you have not cast out? Maybe you need to suffer more. I will explain more below.

I am going to explain Spiritual warfare in a way that you understand what is and why you need to do it. I am going to use myself as an example. I am going to be very transparent. Like JESUS was!!!!

I am going to compare

  • Warfare to Spiritual Warfare
  • HItler to Satan
  • Nazis to Demons
  • General Patton to JESUS
  • Angels and You to the Allied Forces

Why must you go to war against Satan? Because there are people who need to be delivered from his Concentration Camps. Every day Satan is deceiving many. He is Killing, Stealing, and Destroying all over the world. He is feeding poison into our culture that filters into our governments , schools , and churches.

Spiritual Warfare to Cast out Satan 's influence

Yes he is in your life. He is in your family. He is in your church. He is in your friend group. He is in your nation. He is in your government. We need to purge and cleanse ourselves from this plague. We have to fight the influence of Satan ‘s force to control our lives with his belief system and evil.

There is a need to Cast him out so that people can be free.

Luke 4:18 He has sent me to proclaim that captives will be released

There are people who are awaiting us to come and deliver them out of Satan’s grip. But they are in Satan’s stronghold. I will explain more later. But you see that if we don ‘t break that Stronghold of Satan. These people will not be free.

God has sent us to do this.

First and foremost for ourselves!!!

The Battles that you don’t fight your children will have to fight them. The things that you don’t learn your children will have to learn. This is not to put pressure on you and I. But it is an invitation to Excellence, Greatness, and Suffering.

Today I am going to share with you a story to describe what you will need to do in order to fight those battles of Spiritual Warfare and to learn those lessons to pass down to the generations of Demon Killers. Are you a Demon killer? Do you have any Demon Killers in your family? Demon Hunters? Do you have any Demon Hunters in your church?

In talking about the demon spirit Jezebel. I heard a Pastor say this. ” You don’t have to go finding Jezebel. Jezebel will find you ” Pastor Landon Scott

No I don ‘t mean going out trying to find demons. Not smart. Chuckles.

But I mean when a Demon steps into your family territory does anyone know how to get angry and say NO WAY. Is there anyone who knows how to Cast Out Demons. Is there anyone who is equipped for this very important duty that today’s church and today’s Christians in many times act as if it is not needed or that demons do not exist.

Well Mary Magdalene is glad that JESUS and disciples were in the business of casting out demons. They were NOT out looking for demons. Instead they were out looking for people who needed deliverance and healing. When Demons are in your way you need to understand how to CAST THEM OUT! Casting out a Demon is a nice word for KICKING THEIR BUTTS BACK TO HELL. Or one of my favorite prayers. I command the Demons in JESUS name to go back to the people who sent them and torment them.

I tell you my sleep was very good last night after I prayed that prayer.

The Time of My Suffering has come: Picking Up Your Cross 

In the face of a long time personal struggle in my life that was diagnosed as an mental illness. That I tracked down to be a heavy spiritual attacked launched on me by the leaders of a church I went too. That story for another day.

This led me to a place where I was in need of Serious Spiritual warfare.

Not a prayer. Not a church visit. Not a sermon. But a time of heavy spiritual battle. Let me give you an example of what I mean.

If you are fighting a band a terrorist. You might need a few drones and you will kill them. But if you are fighting Isis you will need a sustained and total strategy and commitment to confront, kill, and annihilate them.

If you are fighting Iraq like the United States did in the first Gulf war. You will need a sizable force. Kind of like going into an hour long of prayer and Bible reading. But also a time of fasting.

Your enemy is defeated quickly. The Iraq war was over in a matter of days. Not to belittle any war. But it was very little casualties.

But if you are facing Hitler’s Nazi Germany entrenched in Europe at Normandy . You are going to have some to prepare and train much. You are going to have to bring many resources to the the battle field. You are going to have to bring the best fighting force. The most discipline. The most Generals. The best equipment.

You are going to have to be fully focused on what you are about to do. Why? It is warfare.

Well on the spiritual side. If you are going into spiritual warfare. If you are hearing voices. If you are encountering demonic activity. If you are fighting things like lust and other spirits. If you are fighting the Jezebel spirit. You cannot think that you are not going to be fully committed on this task.

Like the Nazis on the beaches of Normandy. These Satanic forces are entrenched and they do not want to let go of the territory that they have won. Like the Troops who bravely stormed the beaches of Normandy in 1941 .

Be Vigilant: Our Enemy Satan is a worthy Adversary 

After the leaders of Europe made mistakes that would cause them to lead their people into bondage and a terrible war worst than the one only 20 years before. World War 1 the war that they said would end all wars.

This is how we as Christians are the same as the European leaders who lost Europe to Hitler and Mussolini. The American leaders who misjudged the Japanese threat that bombed Pearl Harbor almost taking out the the entire Pacific fleet.

  • They gave Hitler an inch that he was not supposed to have and he took a mile
  • They then gave Hitler even more ground
  • They did not understand how evil and treacherous HItler was
  • They did not understand how angry Hitler was
  • They did not understand Hitlers mission was to enslave the world
  • They knew but they acted as if if it was not true. Guess what this does not stop it from being true
  • They were not prepared for war

We as Christians we do the same thing. Although we know that Satan is a killer. We read and quote the scriptures. Yet we vote for politicians who are against God’s most holy laws , decrees and ways. They put themselves and the government before God. They do not honor life or that God created Man and Female separate and distinct from each other. And that man should not marry men and women should not marry women.

So I thought you realised that Satan was dangerous. So why would you give him a foothold in your society and in your life. Those same politicians are in charge of the schools that your children go too…. Ughh.

Personally we do the same thing. You know that you are weak. But you will not fast, pray, and read your Bible. The very things that God has given us to fight the enemy.

You act like Satan does not exist. You act like demons do not exist. You act like your flesh is not evil and weak. You act like you are not in a very strong Spiritual War against the forces of darkness.

You need to build an army . You need to train. You need to prepare. You need to fight. You need to ask God for help. You have lost ground to Satan. The church in America has lost ground to Satan. Your personal church may have lost ground to Satan.

A church conferences is not going to do it. Church picnics are not going to do it. This is not your Iraq war this is your Normandy Beach that you have to storm. This is going to need all that you know as a Christians to overcome.

We see how Peter and the Disciples were tested out of their wits. They had to draw on everything that CHRIST taught them and they had to check themselves. They had to be willing to be rebuked by CHRIST and each other. They needed to be willing to suffer. They needed to be willing to serve.

There are things in life that as the Apostle Paul put it. They so easily beset us. They so easily take us off the path of Liberty and Spiritual power. 

You will see these things over and over again:

  • Human Mistakes or sin
  • Pride
  • Rebellion
  • Slothfulness
  • Greed

Human miscalculations: The disciples did not really understand that JESUS was really going to the cross . They had no idea the darkness that would come to them. They had no idea what they would have to go through to get a clear understanding of what JESUS really came for. 

They had no idea of what they would have to go to restore the Kingdom of Israel. They had no idea of what suffering was. Jesus was teaching them through these things. 

Just as he is teaching us: He uses








3 Things:

  • You are going to have to repent
  • You are going to have to Suffer
  • You are going to have to do the works of CHRIST.

Christ will Anoint you

Christ will send you -When he sent the 70 he gave them power and authority over Satan. Why? They were doing his will . Are you . Is the church in America . Is your church in Gods will?

Give you power

Christ will deliver you

Before you go forward. Please read the whole Isaiah chapter 58? 

I believe you will see the church of today. We are busy doing stuff that people claim is pleasing to God. But we seem to miss the point of what God actually wants from us. 

It’s ok…. But we need to get it. QUICK!!!! 

When we finally get to doing what God wants us to do. In verse 8. Then God will send his Angels to help us

Isaiah 58:8 Then your salvation will come like the dawn,

and your wounds will quickly heal ” 

These are the people and entities that need to get this. NOT JUST PREACH AND TEACH THIS. NOT JUST REPEAT THIS

  • Pastors
  • Churches
  • Christians
  • Me Personally

As Christians our Suffering brings Liberty, Deliverance, and Progress. It also brings rewards. Kind of like delayed gratification. But too many times we want it up front. We want to see it right now. We are not always bad. The disciples were the same way. So JESUS showed them right off that he was a right now God. They went from no fish in the boat too… FISH… IN THE BOAT!!!!! Oh yeah we believe were do we sign up for this!!!

But our faith requires us to sometimes suffer more than we receive. So it is hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Or to see heaven while we are here on Earth. Right?

But this delayed gratification system. Like saving for retirement. Like paying for auto or life insurance. Just do it!!! You will need it one day. It will pay off one day!!! Like a good investment. Keep investing. You are going to be wealthy one day. It is truly delayed gratification. Some of us need to understand this more than others.

But we all need to understand this as Christians. Wanting it right now and not trusting God got Eve and Judas in trouble.

The Time is Now 

Though I will be sharing you a message to the church FIRST this message is to me. For I have grown up in this church and has seen the best and the worst of it. So I am a product of it. But I am correcting the negative forces in the church in order to follow JESUS

The Time of my suffering has come. I believe God would like for his church to hang this banner on our hearts.

Because I am afraid that our church do not no know what suffering truly is any more. I know that I have strayed away from suffering. It has cost me. I gave into the distractions like Peter did.

Like Peter we must overcome our weakness in order to pick up our cross.

Matthew 20-17-28

We want the glory but we do not want to suffer. But what is suffering. When we discover what suffering is we discover what a portion of spiritual warfare is. The portion that the church is weak at.

Jesus addresses

  • Preparing for Suffering
  • Suffering by design , The crucifixion was suffering by design. But you see JESUS in the spiritual prepared his suffering by design. So that he would be like the oil in the alabaster box poured out upon us. He would be the wheat that fell to the ground and died….
  • Jesus addressed what is service Luke 22:27
  • Discipline and obedience.. Go and. And then you will. And then they will….  Luke 22:9
  • Jesus gives us the proper attitude : Eagerness . The Sacrifice is Eager to share with others what it means to suffer. He shared with them how he was going to lead in discipline. Luke 22:15
  • He showed them the reward for suffering: Partaking in his blood and his body. New Covernate Luke 22:20, 30
  • He showed us our nature, our weakness, and our ability to be distracted from the most important things by the most unimportant things. Luke 22:24
  • And he showed us our ability to learn from our mistakes that we made again. Just like in Matthew 20
  • He taught us that we must fix ourselves so we can help others 22:27

Going to church is not suffering. Clapping your hands and dancing is not suffering. Sitting and listening to a sermon is not suffering.

I am afraid that speaking in tongues and preaching sermons are not suffering.

Going to a church conference or picnic is not suffering.

I would submit to you that if the church does not know about suffering anymore. It does not as well know about Spiritual warfare.

Because when JESUS was telling his disciples that he was going to the cross. To his sufferings. He was showing us what Spiritual Warfare at its deepest looks like. When you really need to go into Spiritual warfare. I tell you you are going to have to suffer.

You are going to have to be broke. But even worst. No one is going to break you . You have to break yourself. You are going to have to serve others. Not your self. Jesus said it like this. No one takes my life. I lay it down. Let me translate for us.

The Romans and the Pharisees did not kill me. I gave myself as a sacrifice in service of you.

Unfortunately our church and our Pastors like to stay out on the edge of suffering. Let ‘s fast once maybe twice a year. Most churches do not have a prayer service. But JESUS said my Fathers house is a house of prayer , not a den of thieves. So it begs the question. If our churches are not houses of prayer what then are they? Den of thieves?

But the problem is what about the deep things that need to be addressed in our churches, in our personal lives and in our society? If we only touch the surface of worship, sacrifice, and service. We we will surely fail.

I will tell you with personal experience they go without being addressed. I see this in our churches and I see this in my self on a level. So as I went deeper God gave me teaching and encouraging. Also a rebuke and correction for the church and myself.

LIke Peter JESUS had to have a personal face to face with me. Sharing with me exactly what was on the line. You see we like it when JESUS tells us that the HOLY SPIRIT is using us and the FATHER shared something with us. We like it when JESUS tells us that he will build his rock on something we said or did.

But we don ‘t like to share so much that JESUS said we need to Repent. Repent or Satan will have you. Doesn’t sound so cheerful. If your a Pastor and your building a church of itching ears. This might not be so good.

I am declaring that the Time of My suffering as come.I have delayed my suffering enough. The church. The time of our Suffering has come. We have delayed our suffering too long.

You say I suffer. Let me show you what suffering is…

Hungry children….

In America we do not know what suffering is. Who has been thrown in jail for the gospels sake? We don’t even evangelize anymore in America. Most churches. Pastors are running away from demons instead of casting them out.

Because they were not built to cast out demons. Just to preach on Sunday and cash a check.

Our children do not know how to suffer. If they do not know how to suffer. They will have no idea how to engage in heavy spiritual warfare when attacked. Because suffering is apart of heavy spiritual warfare. You must go through.

You must carry our cross.

Luke 9: 21-25 

Jesus warned his disciples not to tell anyone who he was. 22 “The Son of Mane must suffer many terrible things,” he said. “He will be rejected by the elders, the leading priests, and the teachers of religious law. He will be killed, but on the third day he will be raised from the dead.”                          

23 Then he said to the crowd, “If any of you wants to be my follower, you must turn from your selfish ways, take up your cross daily, and follow me. 24 If you try to hang on to your life, you will lose it. But if you give up your life for my sake, you will save it. 25 And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but are yourself lost or destroyed?

What does JESUS show us that Suffering is?

Luke 2: 41-52 

Every year Jesus’ parents went to Jerusalem for the Passover festival.  42 When Jesus was twelve years old, they attended the festival as usual. 43 After the celebration was over, they started home to Nazareth, but Jesus stayed behind in Jerusalem. His parents didn’t miss him at first, 44 because they assumed he was among the other travelers. But when he didn’t show up that evening, they started looking for him among their relatives and friends.

45 When they couldn’t find him, they went back to Jerusalem to search for him there. 46 Three days later they finally discovered him in the Temple, sitting among the religious teachers, listening to them and asking questions. 47 All who heard him were amazed at his understanding and his answers.

48 His parents didn’t know what to think. “Son,” his mother said to him, “why have you done this to us? Your father and I have been frantic, searching for you everywhere.”

49“But why did you need to search?” he asked. “Didn’t you know that I must be in my Father’s house?” 50 But they didn’t understand what he meant.

51 Then he returned to Nazareth with them and was obedient to them. And his mother stored all these things in her heart.

52 Jesus grew in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and all the people.

Let me show you how JESUS learned to suffer. This story in Luke 22 starts in the Passover. No coincidence let’s go back to the Passover when JESUS was a little boy.

While people were eating and being merry. JESUS was learning to suffer. To sacrifice. Reading your Bible and Praying is sacrifice. It is suffering. Because you could be playing video games, watching tv or going out with friends.

Making money, building a business, or whatever your thing is.

In this culture we learn how to be selfish. How to accumulate things. How to avoid suffering.

I am a businessman. I love wealth creation I think it is great. I think it is Godly. But I must suffer. Nothing can get in the way of me suffering.

The time of my suffering has come. I must lay everything aside and go into spiritual warfare.

How powerful would our church be if we did this? Instead of being experts in suffering we are experts in indulgence. We are an obese church.

As JESUS said in his rebuke in Revelation. You are rich and fat.

As we look at our churches and our society. I believe that this is a good case and assertion by me. Christians are not making a impact on the society. We are more friends with Gods enemies than we are enemies of Gods enemies.

Gods enemies see us as no threat. Or even worse they see us as allies.

Eddie Long , Gay marriage, Cardi B,

I would like to go to another scripture. Let’s replace the word fasting and prayer with Suffering.

This will become more broad when we go another scripture. God will broaden this for us.
I am not reaching. First God gave me the thought then the scriptures to back it up.

The Moment of Darkness:

Elijah in his day saw a great time of darkness. When Ahab and Jezebel ruled Judah with their occult beliefs. These were not rulers from outside but Jews. Warning to today’s church….

Elijah and his fellow Jews loyal to JEHOVAH had to go all the way in. When Elijah killed the prophets of Baal he went all the way in.

When Elijah challenged the prophets of Baal to duel of offerings to their gods he was all the way in . All the way in his faith and the battle. He won!

But it is also interesting that in this moment of darkness that Elijah got weak. He ran. He fell asleep. He needed a miracle from God to come and save him from the moment of darkness. He had to be awaken by the Angel who told him to go and eat the scrolls. Or to read his Bible.

Interesting enough in the moment of darkness the Disciples were also a sleep. Jesus said that it was grief that had them sleeping. Kind of like a depression. It was heavy. It was heavy spiritual warfare. With Elijah he had to read the Bible , talk to an Angel, be strengthened by an Angel and talk to God! Be corrected by God. Be encouraged by God.

So was the disciples. JESUS told them to get up and pray. Pray that you do not enter into temptation. We need to be strong in the spiritual disciplines. It’s heavy spiritual warfare. When JESUS was taken by the Romans. The disciples ran for their lives.

So did Elijah. He even left his servant behind…. So I think we see a pattern here.

When you have been in deep spiritual warfare like me certain scriptures come alive and even more rich.

Do NOT FEAR the Darkness:

When David said ye do I walk through the valley in the shadow of death I will fear no evil. Now you know what he is talking about!!!

Understandable yes. But we cannot allow fear to capture us. Fear captured Elijah in the face of Jezebel. Fear captured the Disciples in the face of the Romans and Chief Priest. We must learn from this an overcome fear!

Once the hunted Now the Hunters

15 thoughts on “The Time of my Suffering has come: My story of Fasting and Casting Out Demons”

  1. I must say that this article is very motivational and helpful. We all should follow our Lord Jesus and reject Satan but unfortunately most people forgot God. We all run for money and glory like we will live 150 years but that is one more fraud by Satan. Bible is our salvation and I recommend all people to read it and slow down a little with running for material things that will pass.

    • Amen brother! Yes indeed. Seek ye First the Kingdom of God and everything else will be added unto you. Matthew 6:33 

      One of my favorite scriptures. Sometimes we think we can multi task. That was my issue. Sometimes we do not realize that we are pushing God to the backburner. Sometimes it is complicated. I believe that like the disciples we all have an evolution to go through. 

      Getting the strength to pick up our cross. Understanding what God wants from us. The thing is this. We need to learn as soon as possible. And go to it!!! We need people around us who will help us to do this. Not hinder us. 

      It is hard. It is not easy putting God first I would say. But when we are wise and when we strive to do so. It will be done! Our impact will be great. 

  2. Most educated, serious Christians understand that suffering is to be expected in the Christian life. It’s not an anomaly or interruption in an otherwise “normal” life. It’s to be expected; even welcomed. 

    It makes us more like our Lord Jesus, Whom we serve. One of the most well-known and frequently cited passages in this regard is 1 Peter 4:12 (RSV):

     Thanks for sharing this wonderful message. Merry Christmas

    • Hi Lok! Merry Christmas to you as well. Hmmm. I am not sure that I agree that most Christians understand that suffering is to be expected. 

      But you said Most educated, serious Christians. So I guess that is an distinction. 

      But I am not sure I still agree. I think there is a crisis of understanding what suffering is. I think Pastors are the problem in this because they have not led the church into suffering. Like CHRIST led the disciples into suffering. 

      By first teaching them what suffering is. 

      For example.

      Many Pastors I have met do not want to fight demons or take on hard situations. Why? They seem like they are unequipped. Why? Because they are only here to preach and teach. Give a little counseling. They can’t lead a deliverance. But they preach that God is stronger than Satan. That we should not fear. But their prescription to fight demons is to come to church. That’s it. 

       Many Pastors love the church service. They love to preach and teach. They love to council. But they have a hard time with the practical things of the Christian life. Applying the word to our lives. This is what I have noticed. 

      They are equipped to preach and teach. Council with the Scriptures. But whenever they have to use judgement . That means a hard nut to crack. They are unable to do it. Because they do not want the backlish in making a tough decision. 

      When people came to JESUS with questions and problems. Often his answers were surprising to them. Why? He was not afraid of the backlash of making a outside of the box judgement. That falls within the Spirit of the WORD. 

      Pastors likewise are not pushing their congregations to suffer. Why? Like Peter they are not willing to suffer. They are not willing to do the hard things that it requires to fight the enemies of God in politics let’s say. 

      Or in Hollywood etc. They don ‘t want to go out and evangelize. It ‘s too much to put on them and the congregation. 

      Let’s just preach, teach, sing and dance. The church becomes a club that is not addressing the hard issues. Children see this. They leave when they are grown because the church lacks excitement , authenticity and purpose. 

      This is what I have seen in the church. 

  3. Wow, this a very powerful article on Fasting to cast out our demons. I admit I have been reluctant to fast as much as I should. I’ve tried it a few times, but haven’t gone to the extremes of doing it for a whole week or longer. You are correct in that we are called to do more than just go to church and read our bibles in sunday service.

    Suffering and building up our discipline against the world and strengthening our relationship with God is the only way we can overcome the temptations of our own selfish desires. It can be incredibly hard when it seems like everyone else in the world is already infected with these desires and it is seen as normal in our society. What Jesus demanded of the world was to love one another just like our Father loves us. 

    Love is truly what drives our ability to overcome sins. Our love for the father should be just as strong and should enable us to spread the good word to others. A read a book called “When the Enemy Strikes” and it had a powerful message for those that don’t believe satan is real. That was his greatest achievement, to make people believe that he wasn’t real and controlling their thoughts and actions. We are under attack all the time, even when we can’t see it. Arming ourselves with the word of god is our best defense. 

    I grew up in the Roman Catholic church, but quickly found out that there is alot of extra unnecessary layers to the religion. There are many within the church that are very hypocritical and do things that would go against God’s will for their own benefit. It’s like they are some kind of secret society or business entity that gains a certain amount of power through the religion. This heavily influences politics as well. 

    We must learn to suffer and fast in order to gain the strength that we need to serve god the right way and be aware of when we are being led astray. Thank for this incredible reminder of what we need to know for our own salvation.

    • Awww Hello Brother Daniel. Very well said and also very powerful points and testimony. I needed that word as well. You mention that it has been hard for you to fast. Worry not. I had the same issue. 

      Just keep on praying!!! Note that JESUS said that certain demons only come out by fasting and prayer!!! So that means praying is also very very important. 

      So start there. Like a baby take baby steps. I think I can I think I can. Try to fast. If you break it that is ok. 

      Like my 6 year old son said about two months ago. ” Mistakes are good” I said what? He did not learn that from me. I tell him mistakes are ok. 

      But he said yes my teacher said Mistakes are good. She knew children were not trying because they were afraid to make mistakes. The children wanted to be perfect. 

      Just like us as adults. We think failure is a bad thing. But it is only apart of a our growth process. 

      My son said yes Mistakes help you to learn!!! I was like oh yeah. Mistakes do help you to learn. 🙂 !!!!

      He goes to a Christians school . :))) Thank God. 

      But this is what I did brother Daniel. I ask God to give me a praying and fasting spirit. 

      I will tell you that it worked!!!! I have been praying and fasting much more. 

      Also find yourself a burden. Find yourself something that you want to bring down in the spirit. That will help you to fast. 

      Having a purpose for our fast is important I think. 

  4. Glad I found this page man, I watched your whole video talking about the devil and going to a spiritual war with him. I’m trying to get to know Christ better, man I got so many demons in my head. I’m intelligent but man they’re trying so hard to bring me down every day. I admit, the day as a child I started fighting the voices and as I fought them, they already won because I wasn’t with Christ and I was completely distracted from what was going on. The main focus should be our Heavenly Father and I feel I’m still trying to find him. God bless your heart man, keep up the great content!

    • Hello Nate my brother! I have left some youtube videos below for you to watch that will help you I think.

      I am so sorry I am just getting back to you. Woe. I have been delayed by some distractions myself. But God has brought me forward to move forward! The important things you seem to understand my brother. Focus on God. Focus on your relationship with him. Whatever and Whoever is trying to come in between you and God. LET NOTHING SEPARATE YOU from the Love of God. As the Apostle Paul said in Romans.

      We have to learn to scratch, claw and fight to get the place of Worship in our lives. Life , our flesh and our enemies will try to distract us. Human and Demonic. But push yourself. Not condemn. But push yourself into being more discipline. Put on the Full Armor of God.

      I promise you that when we go to war against Satan in the power of God. We will have great success. We will make great progress. We will have victory!!

      But it is going to cost you something. How much are you willing to pay my brother?

      I will be praying for you. Please pray for me as well.

      I have a teaching that might help you get to that place you need to be in your relationship with God . It is about pressing no matter what!!! ….

      The other video is a great tool as well. Her name is Jennifer Leclaire. She teaches on Spiritual Warfare in a unique and powerful way. She has helped me in some of the toughest times in my life. Please subscribe to her channel . She has great content my brother.

      Thank you so much for your kind words. Many blessings to you Nate!!! You are victorious IN JESUS . Wait upon the LORD. Wait I say upon the LORD

  5. I have always been a true believer and that’s why I am very glad to see this post , I think there are so many things in the age hindering people from being at their very best potential and I am glad there are also a lot of people out there who have the same beliefs. This was a blast to read, I have just bookmarked your page so I can really study from your article and share with others . 

  6. I believe this world we are in today is suffering for lack of the true word of Christ. We see it in all that is around us. From all the gang violence and terrorism that is around the world. Thank you for writing this article that brings inspiration to the masses. There is only one God that can save us from our sins and that is Jesus Christ.

  7. This time of Christmas and the birth of Jesus this was such an interesting read.Yes he did suffer for us. Jesus said to be like the little children this is such a simple yet powerful saying that one does not stop to think about. Children have a fine knack of being delighted in the simple pleasures of life that as adults we tend to lose and it is a shame.

  8. This article was really calm and I really loved and enjoyed reading the whole article. Usually while reading something like this I get bored half way but this one was interesting and inspiring to me. It boosted my spirit up just by reading this article today. Thank you for sharing this article with me.

  9. While I don’t agree with everything said, you do bring up some good points. I think the church in general in America doesn’t really know the kind of persecution that individuals and churches go through on a daily basis in other countries. I do think there is too little emphasis on what true Christianity looks like, more focusing on a positive experience. 

    A point I disagree with: When Jesus was praying in the Garden before the cross, when he prayed for the cup to pass from Him, I don’t think He was referring to the bodily harm of the cross and the whips. He was referring to the cup of wrath of His Father. He volunteered for the cross, willingly laying down His life. It was the separation from His Father and taking the fullness of His wrath that He prayed about. 

    God bless, brother and Merry Christmas!

  10. This is awesome. Personally I believe the world can only sustain with sufficient love. That’s why we must learn to give, share and love so the world will have peace. When there is insufficient love, natural disaster happen so more ppl will show their love by doing something for the victims. Don’t you think so? 

  11. Hello Brother; I am refreshed, my soul is ablazed. I love your work. I finally find somebody with the knowledge of God. Spiritual warfear is not understood as is in the Church these days. I am in Jamaica West Indies. I find that I get enemies when I encourage people to Fast and pray and read the Bible for themselves. 

    I agree with you. It is time for us to awake and suffer like good soldiers of the Cross of Jesus Christ, we are like whimps before Satan because we want to rain with Christ but we refuse to suffer with Christ. Fasting and prayer with reading the bible is a must do for all true child of God.

    Thanks again. I hope to meet you in heaven.



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