The Power of Suggestion: Satan ‘s Right Hand


My opening Thoughts

Last year I had an evil spirit whisper in my ear things. I thought it was GOD. It was suggesting things to me. It sounded so right or plausible. Very much so. But it was laying seeds of condemnation and trying to break my confidence and confuse me. For I had many big things that were on my heart that I took to GOD.

 I pondered on them what the spirit said. For I was praying for Revelation from GOD. But later I found out that it was an evil spirit that was planting lies and deception . Ha. 

We must indeed test things to see if they be of GOD. It takes time it is not always instant 

By only suggesting things to me. Some will be fast to judge me on this. But please read on. GOD was showing the tactics and strategies of Satan so I could share them with you. 

Later on that year GOD showed me more on how the Occult and Witchcraft works!!! We are in heavy spiritual battles. I believe there are some big things going on behind the scenes.

Our prayer: GOD expose Satan and give us Authority over him. 

Let your light so Shine in the Darkness. Let us trample over Serpents and Scorpions and over all the power of the Enemy. 


JESUS said to them ” Pray that you do not fall into temptation…..”   



The Power of Suggestion: Satan’s Right Hand

If we are to overcome Satan we must overcome the power of Suggestion. The Power of suggestion is Satan’s biggest weapon. It makes him MUCH bigger and stronger than he really is. Although I have to go a little deeper on his physical strength.

What I do know is that the first thing GOD says in the Bible about Satan is that he is the most cunning beast. So we are dealing with someone who is highly intelligent. Who knows how to work around things. Make things seem right which are wrong. Make the crazy and foolish seem wise . And the wise seem crazy and foolish.

Satan can make you believe that you are a chicken if you are not careful.


If you doubt the power of suggestion than think about what Lucifer was able to achieve in heaven. Now this takes the cake and we can stop right here as far as I am concerned. Lucifer was able to convince 1/3 of an Unerbale host of Angels to rebel against the LIVING ALMIGHTY GOD .

Who the record on Earth of his relationship with man. From Genesis to Revelation . His coming to Earth to live, die, and go to hell for our sins for 3 days for sins that he did not commit. Allowing his only Begotten SON and also himself… die and suffer.  He put himself and his SON through a lot…. What a man. What A GOD. Thank you JESUS!!!

That shows you what kind of GOD JEHOVAH is. Yet Lucifer the Angel that many believe was one of the highest maybe the highest Angel in heaven convinced 1/3  of an Numberless host of Angels in heaven to betray GOD and to think that they could overthrow GOD.

But even if you could. Why would you? That is a some type of Salesman. The Bible says that he went around Talebearing in heaven. I learned this form Derek Prince. I love that man!!!

Talebearing Definition :

noun. a person who spreads gossip, secrets, etc., that may cause trouble or harm. …talebearing, adjective, noun.

So be very careful when you get a thought that is opposite of what GOD wants in your life. Be careful when you get a thought in your mind to do something that you know is wrong. When you see the cartoon with the devil on your shoulder and the Angel on the other side.

This is a true picture of a Spiritual Battle that has raged for thousands of years that is left Heaven and came to Earth.


As if Lucifer had not done enough damage. He got kicked out of heaven with 1/3 if the Unerbable host of Angels in heaven . As fast as lighting is what the Bible described. LOLLL. JESUS said I saw him fall light lighting ting . LOLL

But all jokes aside. Lucifer has not changed his game or his tactics. They are very easy to understand if we study them. Lucifer did not force anyone out of heaven. He was undercover in Heaven parading as an Angel of the Most High GOD. An Angel of light. But he had a deep dark secret that he thought GOD did not know. But of course he did. There is the lunacy of the occult. GOD knows you and he sees you. You will not win. Though you have some power. Some gifts that GOD gave you or that Satan gave you. Your end is always on the losing end of the bargain. Smh

Lucifer now undercover on Earth masquerading as a Serpent. He can never come out and say who he is. He has to have a disguise to get properly positioned to do the most damage. He then used the power of suggestion to Suggest Eve to partake of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and evil.

Important note: Eve knew what GOD had said. But she let the Serpent Lucifer suggest her right out of her blessing and right out of the garden. Causing much death and destruction.

Then Eve used the same power to suggest to Adam that he bite the Apple. There is nothing new under the sun.

NOTE: GOD has lost 1/3 of an Enumerable host of Angels. I love to repeat that because that is MIND BOGGLING . I will never understand that. How is that possible????

Then Adam and Eve were said to be Geniuses and they did not have a sin nature. He convinced both of them to partake of the forbidden fruit.

GOD has not stopped Satan from suggesting. GOD is trying to see who is going to be obedient to him. Who is going to listen to GOD and who is going to listen to Satan.

Who you listen to is who you serve. Yes I know. I am in sin but I do not not serve Satan. There is a thin line between GOD and Satan. The Bible says that we are either a Slave to Sin or a Slave to GOD.

In 1st and 2nd John GOD says that if we are his that we are not walking in darkness or sin because CHRIST has destroyed the works of the Devil!!!!

So we must be very careful who we serve with our lives.

Satan ‘s Third Big Act of Suggestion: CHRIST IN THE WILDERNESS

Satan shows up again after JESUS had been fasting in the wilderness. He did not have a weapon in his hands. No. He only had words. Satan will whisper in your ear and show you the world. He will paint a picture to you that sounds so good.

I will give you the world he told JESUS.

Or he will pervert the WORD of GOD and make it his own. Appealing to your flesh . Hoping that you have not studied the WORD , does not know the WORD, or does not use good judgement with the WORD. Jump off this building and GOD will catch you.

Lastly he tried to appeal to JESUS flesh. He was hungry. And his pride. Turn these stones into bread . You can do it can ‘t you.

In all 3 cases. JESUS used his brain. He also used the WORD of GOD rightfully dividing the WORD of Truth.

In my years of heavy spiritual warfare against Satan. GOD has shown me the tactics of Satan. His best shot is to suggest to you a lie. But he is very cunning. There is a thin line between the truth and a lie .

So we need to pray. We need to fast. We need know the WORD of GOD. So that we can have a strong base to stand on.


Lastly we see that Judas was one of the 12 men called by JESUS in his Earthly ministry. Wow what a call to be one of the 12 by ALMIGHTY GOD on Earth. Well Judas saw of the miracles that Peter , John , Mark, Luke and the whole crew saw. They were in passionate Love with JESUS . So much so that they gave their lives in more ways than one for him.

Except Judas. They all were tempted. They all were tried. But Satan… The one who is going throughout the world seeking whom he can destroy. He saw something in Judas. I can make an offer to Judas. I can get him to give up that position and use it at the same time. I can whisper in his ears. JESUS is too hard on you guys. JESUS is going to get you guys killed. Turn him in. No one will know. You will get off. They will be executed.

You have better things to do than running around doing charity work. How long do you think this can work. How long do you think the Romans will allow this? This is your chance to save face. You can be the hero. The Pharisees have a position for you and some money to get you off on your new life.

People think that the 30 Shekels were all Judas was going to get for betraying JESUS . But what if it was just the down payment on his new job.

Yes I know it still does not make sense that Judas would betray JESUS. But when we sin and put JESUS on the cross . Neither does it make sense. What is the difference.

We dance and sing about JESUS. JESUS I will never forget what you done for me. How you set free. How you brought me out. JESUS I will never forget no never.

Yet we turn back to drugs, sex, and pornography. One …. more… time. It ‘s just one more time. We can always say I am sorry.

Judas said he was sorry too.

I am not equating us to Judas. GOD forbid. But I am saying that when we sin we end up like the Angels in heaven who rose up against GOD and where kicked out of heaven and turned from Angels of light to Demons of dark.

When we sin and give in to the Suggestions of Satan and the Flesh who work together. We give into the suggestions of Satan like Adam and Eve. Just take one bite and you will be like GOD. He is hiding something from you. I on the other hand am trying to help you. Take it or leave it….

I know him…. He ripped a whole bunch of Angels off in heaven. You see those stars up there. Hmmm. We used to be up there. He ripped us off. Now we are down here. He is going to do you the same way..

So you might as well get a bite. You will be wiser . It will help you deal with him. He can be tough. Call it insurance just in case.


I make these things up only to show you how Satan talks. Sometimes we do not realize that our actions are being influenced just like The Angels in heaven , just like Adam and Eve, and just like HA ,Satan tried with JESUS. IT DIDN’T WORK!!!!

So we must be ready for the power of Suggestion. We must put on the Full Armour of GOD!!!! We must pray and fast!!!!! We must trust GOD. We must study to show ourselves approved. We must be in a body of Believers for their is safety in numbers. Just like the wild… the deer they alert the others of predators that are in the grass hiding.

Satan whispers still today. Satan is telling us lies still today. Don ‘t believe him. But test every spirit to see if it be from GOD.

Be encouraged!!! We win. God is allowing us to be tempted and tested. But there will come a day when GOD locks up Satan and he will no longer temp the world and lead people into bondage and sin. Destruction.

Thank you JESUS for giving us today power over Satan.


One other story to note: Slave Witch Woman who followed Paul was using the Occult power of Suggestion to throw Paul off his ministry. IT DIDN’T WORK 🙂

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