The Keys to Spiritual Healing and Deliverance Pt. 2:The Pool of Bethesda

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Today I received what I believe is a Rhema word from God on this passage of scriptures. This word is for people who need spiritual healing and deliverance .

Spiritual Healing and Deliverance Pool of Bethesda

Afterward Jesus returned to Jerusalem for one of the Jewish holy days. 2 Inside the city, near the Sheep Gate, was the pool of Bethesda, with five covered porches. 3 Crowds of sick people—blind, lame, or paralyzed—lay on the porches. 5 One of the men lying there had been sick for thirty-eight years. 6 When Jesus saw him and knew he had been ill for a long time, he asked him, “Would you like to get well?”

7 “I can’t, sir,” the sick man said, “for I have no one to put me into the pool when the water bubbles up. Someone else always gets there ahead of me.”

8 Jesus told him, “Stand up, pick up your mat, and walk!”

9 Instantly, the man was healed! He rolled up his sleeping mat and began walking!

God has giving me a word for those who are in any kind of sickness. Including Spiritual sickness or who need Spiritual deliverance. I am about to share some things that you probably never heard before from this passage of scripture.

There are a few things that you are going to need

  1. You are going to need to Depend 100% on God
  2. Don ‘t worry about who is around you to help
  3. Wait for JESUS to save you
  4. Listen to JESUS
  5. You are going to have to Act

Let ‘s look at the scriptures.

The first thing that we notice from the scriptures is that many people were getting their healing before the paralyzed man in the story.

  • God wants you to know that your healing is near. God wants you to know that your healing is available. God wants you to know that your healing is possible.

God is no respecter of persons. So he does not like one person over another. But everyone is unique. Unique in our circumstances and our actions. What I see in this story is that JESUS came to the Pool of Bethesda during the Jewish Holy Days.

Which happen at an Appointed Time. So what is God saying?

My son. My daughter. I will come to you at an appointed time. You are not forgotten.

But look at that again. JESUS returned to Jerusalem during the Jewish Holy Days. We can see Jesus in this passage of scripture return to Jerusalem . But what did he return to Jerusalem for? It was the covenant between God and man.

So what is God saying. God is saying that he is predictable. He watches over his word to perform it. When Lazarus died. All Mary and Martha had to do was believe and speak the word. It was like a call and a primer to JESUS. It activated the timely visitation of JESUS. That led to the resurrection of Lazarus from the dead.

We have a special relationship with God.

You have a special relationship with God. Stand on the Word of God. Speak back the word of God to him. He will come to visit you! He will come to speak to you. He will come at the appointed time.

How do you know the LORD IS HERE to Heal

So you know that at the Appointed time God will be there to heal you and to deliver you. The paralyzed man was not just healed of paralysis of his legs. But he was also delivered. Delivered from his Mat. Delivered from being poor. Delivered from being talked about. Delivered from apathy .

As we see in the scriptures at verse 7. When the water was stirred or when it bubbles up is when they knew that the healing virtue of the water was active. So if you wanted your healing you had to get yourself in the pool while it was stirred or troubled.

So the paralysed man was saying to JESUS that hey man. Yes I want to healed. But I have not been able to beat other people to the punch to get it. No one will help me.

I see in this that our healing is a competitive sport. You have to be aggressive in your healing and deliverance. Thus, the question from JESUS ” Would you like to get well”

Because he had been sitting there for so long. JESUS looked upon him and said. I need to inspire him. Let me activate his faith. The question had to inspire hope in the man.” Would you like to get well”

Could you imagine that? Wanting to be healed for so long. Needing a healing or deliverance. And everyone walking past you. Seeing your sickness and need. But no one would help you to get into the pool when the water was stirred?

I often wondered as I read the scriptures. Wow all these people needed healing Why did it take for JESUS to come for them to be healed. Where were the religious leaders of the day?

Well,,, Just like today. Some of them did not care. Others do not have the lifestyle or the faith to bring healing to those who need help… getting in the water to be healed.

The man said I have no one to help me get in the water when it was stirred.

So here is what God has to say to us. Say to you.

How to get your Pool of Bethesda Stirred Up Within You

In the Old Testament the Pool of Bethesda was a holy pool that carried healing virtues. Today I believe that that pool is located within us. So we must learn how to stir up the gift that is within us. The Rivers of living water that are sometimes dead.

How do we stir them up. So the Anointing can break the yokes of bondage on us?

JESUS is saying :

I am here. I am here to help you. This is not about what you have not done. Or what others have not done. This is about me healing you! Helping you! I will do it my daughter. My son. You will be healed today!!!!

This is the other thing I see in this passage. JESUS cared about this man. Let me say again. JESUS cared about this man d deeply.

Caring is Ministry. How can you effectively minister to someone without caring for them? This man fell through the cracks. Like many people do today.

Unfortunately those cracks can be pretty big.

I fell through the cracks.

So let me show you what else I see in this passage that I learned in searching for my own Spiritual healing and Deliverance

You have to learn how to activate the power of God’s healing and deliverance.

it is like a dance or a song. It has a rhythm and a sound. It has a harmony. This will be unique for everyone.

But it involves this.

  • Being Honest with God
  • Being transparent with God
  • Having a bare bones conversation with God

When you do this your heart like the waters will be stirred and troubled. JESUS will show you yourself as he sees you. He will uncover the truth. He will show you what is going on and how it will be fixed. You will repent of your sins. You will ask God things you have never asked him before. You will know that God is there with you.

Yes the waters of your heart and soul are being stirred! God is reaching the deep places in you. JESUS is the GREAT PHYSICAN. He is doing surgery on you and your situation.

Right then he will give you instruction. This is instruction will lead to other instructions that will lead to your Spirutal Healing and Deliverance.

YES the waters of healing are stirring.

But this is the key. You must press. Don’t be like this man and wait for 38 years to be healed. PRESS!!! PUSH!!! Pray until Something Happens!!!

We have to be determined.

I would think that this man gave up after a while. But something inside of him told him to come back and give it another try. Don ‘t give up. Keep going.

Hebrews 11:6 And it is impossible to please God without faith. Anyone who wants to come to him must believe that God exists and that he rewards those who sincerely seek him. ”

So yes JESUS cared deeply about this man. He cared. Yes he cares deeply about us. He sees what is going on with us emotionally. The pain, the suffering, the embarrassment. He is looking down at us like. Why has it taken us so long to get our healing.

Verse 7 Someone else gets’s there ahead of me”

So there were other people who were in better position. Other people who were more ingenuitive . Maybe they were more hungry. But by the context of all that is going on it sounds like. Whatever it was they made sure it got done while this man just let life happen.

Have you ever heard people say

Well there is no way out of poverty. God must want me to be poor. Or everything is against me. God must want me to carry this burden of sickness.

When actually JESUS may be saying take my yoke upon you and learn of me. My burden is light. I will give you rest!

JESUS is ready to give you rest.

He is ready to fight your enemies. The very enemies of your body and soul.

There is No Healing or Deliverance without JESUS

One thing that we really need to get down in our soul from this passage. Is sometimes there is no prayer that we can pray, tithe we can pay or deed we can do that will bring out healing.

Do pray the prayer. Yes give the tithe and the offering. Also do the deed. But I sometimes believe our healing is a total work of God ‘s grace, mercy, and love.

This man seemed to be the picture of the man who did everything wrong. As we read in the latter part of the passage His sin is what got him into this trouble. Then he seemed to feel like he did not deserve his healing. He did everything wrong. That is why he was there for 38 long years.

But JESUS STILL HEALED HIM!!!! There is hope for you and I. But the only thing he had to wait so long…

JESUS Took the Wheel: But did you put Gas in the Tank?

Verse 8 Jesus told him, “Stand up, pick up your mat, and walk!”

This is a very profound point for me. Yes we know if God does not do it, will not get done. But what do we have to do? Do we have a part in our healing. In many of the stories of healings, I would say yes. In this story let ‘s take a look.

Jesus told him stand up , PIck up your Matt and walk. Did JESUS heal him and lift him up? No. JESUS gave him a command.

, PIck up your Mat and walk.

God wants to see us do what we can do. Just like your children or your employees. What if they wanted you to do everything. How would that make you feel? Do you want to have a good life? Do you want to have a job?

JESUS asked him Would you like to get well?

His next words were , PIck up your Matt and walk!!!! All JESUS wanted to know is if he wanted to be well. I believe that all the man had to say was YES LORD!!!

But the man tried to prove his righteousness. He was trying to say that it was not his fault. It was someone else s fault. He gave this long explanation. When all JESUS wanted to here was YES LORD!!!

JESUS was not trying to condemn him like others probably did. Look at you. You don ‘t want to be healed do you? Yet they would not help him to get healed.

Do you know people like that? They will not help you to get healed but they will judge you from afar.

JESUS is not like that.

All JESUS asked him for is to make sure some gas is in the car. I will drive us to our destination!!! JESUS take the wheel!!!

Ask JESUS to take the wheel of your life. Ask JESUS to provide your healing. Ask JESUS to deliver you from evil.

There will be opposition to your Healing

There will be some religious person who says that you can ‘t get your healing, you can ‘t speak in tongues, you can ‘t walk on water, and you can ‘t have prosperity in your life.

Just stay sick, stay in bondage, stay broke. Who do you think you are? They have a scripture for you a rule for you. But they deny the power of the scriptures and the Scriptures themselves.

The man said but but JESUS healed. He gave me the instructions I promise you.

Do not honor people or churches. Pastors or Christians. But honor God first. There will be spiritual and Earthly resistance to your healing.

But no that there is no law against what our loving God is going to do for you. That other uncaring people would not do

John 5:41-44

Your approval means nothing to me, 42 because I know you don’t have God’s love within you. 43 For I have come to you in my Father’s name, and you have rejected me. Yet if others come in their own name, you gladly welcome them. 44 No wonder you can’t believe! For you gladly honor each other, but you don’t care about the honor that comes from the one who alone is God.

Verse 10

Some people will see your process of healing from the wrong perspective.

But it won t matter. It is not how you got healed. It is that you got healed. There problem is not with you. It is with God.

I will be back to wrap this teaching up. I had to post it to link to Part 1 of this Teaching. Before my edit was done!

Thank you!

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