Support Christian Business & Save





It takes time , research , and warfare to bring the Good News to the people of the world. Time means money .

Though we do not preach and teach about JESUS CHRIST & and the Good News that he brings for personal gain. We cannot ignore that creating an Spiritual platform to broadcast CHRIST cost. Always has and always will on Earth.


What I love about the way that I raise funds to support my ministry efforts and vision. To purchase bigger and better equipment. To hire staff and support ministries that are supporting our spiritual and physical efforts.

Is that we have a Business Commerce system set up. Where by you only doing your normal shopping for your wants and needs. You will support the ministry of God. And chances are you will also save money!!!

We are always adding ways that you can save money on Beauty, Health & Nutrition , Auto , Home Products, Clothing , Electronics and more.


As Christians we can act like that we are so separate from the world. But we are not. By isolating ourselves in the market place we only hurt the spreading of the Gospel. While missing out on opportunities to create relationships with people outside of church realms.

As Christians money and the market that it is attached too cannot be a bad word. It was not for Solomon or Abraham, or David . David was interested in monetary gain not just the glory of God before he slew Goliath. He looked to get his Father ‘s taxes paid by the King!!!!

What is wrong with that? He was a man after God ‘s own heart but he was not stupid. He was aggressive and he was a shark.

No money was not his only goal. But it helps. The more we have the better. This is not rocket science and I find that those who are either Pharisees or misguided do not see this truth. And see the opportunities created by success.

Who saw Donald Trump being President? If it was not for his success who would listen to him? He would not President. But because people respect what he has built and what name stands for . He is President.

Solomon had a name like that. It brought Glory to God!!!

So I invite Christians to support Christian Business across the spectrum. Do not be afraid to create groups in your churches of Business owners. Why not????

I am flabbergasted by the the opposition to commerce in churches. When often times too many the Pastor is mainly concerned about how much income he is making or the church as if the church is a living organism in many cases in America. It is not like the early church was.

The Pastor has a way of creating commerce for himself. But the people do not have a way to better their lives in a corporate support system. That is wise, efficient, and does not get in the way of the main business of the church but undergirds it.

I will go into this more. How this can be set up in churches. And this will look different in every church. But if you do not invite the Josephs and Solomons of the world to your church. Do not complain about not having the financial means to build that new church building or support the needed and poor .

You have a vision. You need financial support. And people who think like Marketers, Bankers, Builders, and Business people.

I invite people who are looking for business and investment opportunities to talk to me. I will be happy to discuss how we can work together for the common good to create networks in your church and in your cities.

I would love to work with other Christians with like minds to build Christian business and networks.

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