Spiritual Significance and God ‘s desire for our Physical Health and Wellness

1 John 3: 2

Dear friend, I hope all is well with you and that you are as healthy in body as you are strong in spirit. “

In Spiritual warfare one thing that you discover is that your whole being will be attacked including your Physical Health and Wellness. Your whole being is apart of Spiritual Warfare is this not true?

God’s Wants Us Healthy!!!

Is it true that following the teachings and words of God, the Prophets, and JESUS will lead to a long healthy and prosperous Physical well being.

Well JESUS did say that ” I came to give you Life and Life MORE Abundantly ” Oh wow what a promise that is. In the New Living Translations it says I came to give you a Rich and Satisfying Life. WOW!!!

That does not sound like High Blood Pressure and Diabetes. So how did do we get these terrible ailments that kill us?

They come from bad diets and lack of exercise. But they also come from where all bad things come from. Our adversary Satan. I am not the Super spiritual person that goes there all the time.

But I must be accurately describe the Battle that we are in for our Health and Well being.

Godly Advice: Put the Right Things In Your Body

Besides a bad diet is what led to sin entering the world. Adam and Eve ate the wrong food. That would be a great stand up joke if it was not for the Real life consequences of their Bad diet. Sin, Death, Diease and Satan being the Prince of this World.

JESUS had to die for our sins and be a Lamb Sacrificed for our Transgressions. Everyone likes some good Lamb right? He says Eat my Body and partake of me!!!

I have to eat more Lamb!!! Yum yum.

I would say that Food and our Health and Wellness are very Spiritual. We must understand how Food fits into our life.

Let me Continue:

The Spirtual Discipine of Fasting helps us to

  • Maintain a Good Body Weight
  • Gain Discipline over what we Eat
  • It is the opposite of Gluttony which is a key component to illness
  • Helps to Fight Fear, When you get closer to God
  • Relying on God means Less Stress

When Moses Fasted and Prayed for 40 days he saw God in his GLORY. When he came down from the moutain the people who saw him saw a Radiance on his Face.

When you get close to God you Glow on the Inside and Outside!!! There is a physical significance to our Spiritual lives. When we walk in the Spirit we better our Physical well being.

JESUS prayed so hard in the Garden of Gehtsamme that he sweat blood. So he got into such a spiritual place that his body responded. One of the things that I have noticed in Spiritual warfare and my sister and one of my Spiritual Mentors Jenifer Leclaire has spoken of as well is.

Satan will attack your health in Spirtual warfare. We can go back to the scriputes if you do not believe me. When Satan attacked Job he attacked his body with boils.

Why would Satan do this? Would this not cause a person to turn to God? We would hope so but not all the time. When we are hit with adversity in our lives and being sick is one of the worst things that could hit a person.

It can cause us to take our eyes off of God and as Satan said he thought Job would curse God. He thought that Job would stop serving God if he was sick. Thankfully Satan was WRONG!!! Take that devil.

Job turned to God and asked questions. He trusted God and was healed and rewarded. Even while others talked about him saying that he must of done something wrong to deserve such things.

But the thing is that unfortunelty there are many people who will turn away from God and turn to Satan when they are sick. Instead of turning to God!

Daniel and the Hebrew boys were in superb health because they would not eat the food offered to idols as a form of worship to God. So the food that they ate was indeed Spiritual meat to them.

When the Apostle Paul spoke of Spirtual maturity he even comapared it to food calling it milk and meat. So there is indeed a direct spitrual connoatiion to Food and our Health.

Going all the way back to the Garden when God said you can eat of these trees and live and if you eat of this tree you will die. Translation: Eat of this and live and eat this you will die.

The Physical and Spirtual become One in very strong ways at times.

JESUS is the Bread of Life!!! JESUS is the Living Water. We are asked to take communiion in rememberance of him and eat his body and partake of his blood.

These are very spirtual things that are also phsical. If we are not carefule even in Communion it is said that it could cause us to be sick.

So our Health and Wellness is very much something that God is thinking about and that Satan targets.

When the Apostle Paul gave his testimony of Gods grace toward him being sufficent even in the midst of his sickness. While he was not specific with what he spoke about he described it as a thorn in his flesh.

So we see the Physical connatioat that this Spirtual attack on Paul was. Could it had been an physical ailment or was it something spirtual? We do not know. But when you call it a thorn in your flesh we get the pain that is involved in this battle.

There are many spirtual lessons that we learn through what we see in the Flesh and the Physical. God says if you honor your mother and your Father than your days will be long upon the Earth.

So your spirtual deed will lead to physical blessings. I could break that down and say your parents will teach you many things if you listen to them. One of the things that they will know is what to eat and what not to eat. Listen to them!

But also we can learn what to do and what not to do .

Why should I care about my Health and Wellness as a Chrsistian? Isnt that being Carnal minded?

We as Christians should be concerned about our health and wellness because it would be foolish if we did not. How is that for the Religious minded Pharisees.

Although we are not to be carnal we should aim to be in the best health that we could possibly be in. We should also be the most healthy people alive because of our Godly lifestyles, wisdom, knowledge, and ability to deal with stress.

But indeed if I am in a wheelchair because of illness how can I be of optimal use of God. If I can barely walk because of obesity and sickness how can I go out and evangelize. When the Bible says beautiful are the Feet of those who preach the gospel.

If I cannot stand in church because of illness that came from my diet how can I give God the Praise!

How can I tell other people how good God is when they see me sick and hurting in so many ways. Our health and wellness is indeed apart of our total testimony.

Not that we will not get sick or have down times. But we should see our Health as something that will Encourage others to see how Great our God is!!!

When we look at the one of the Main weapons that we have in Spirtual Warfare which is Fasting. Fasting is the Spirtual Crucifying of the Flesh while Physically Fasting is very good for us in many ways.

Including helping us to Cleanse our Bodies of Toxins and controlling our appetites. So that we will be in control of what we eat and sober minded in what we consume.

This Physical truth that if we can control our Eating and what we choose to put into our body through learning the Spiritual Ability to fast is also transferable into the Spiritual Realm.

This is why I believe that God chose our ability to Abstain from food otherwise known as Fasting as one of our Main and most Powerful Spiritual weapons against Satan and ourselves.

What we learn is that God wants us to be in Spiritual and Physical Health. But also that Satan wants to attack both our Spiritual and Physical Health.