JESUS Talked to Demons, Why Do Christians think it ‘s Weird?

Mark 16

These miraculous signs will accompany those who believe: They will cast out demons in my name, and they will speak in new languages. 18 They will be able to handle snakes with safety, and if they drink anything poisonous, it won’t hurt them. They will be able to place their hands on the sick, and they will be healed.”

If your dealing with the supernatural…. You need supernatural power!!! If the Gates of Hell are attacking your Home, Your Church, Your Neighborhood , your society and your World. You are going to need to Engage in Spirutal Warfare.

So who should we listen to and learn from? Hmmm JESUS CHRIST and his Apostles seems to be a pretty good choice. I mean JESUS CHRIST

  • Is God
  • Has Dominion over Every Spirit
  • Cast Out Demons
  • Taught His Disciples how to Cast Out Demons
  • Put a lot about Demonic Warfare, Tactics, and Activities in the Bible

So why do Christians today act like Demons do not exist and we should never engage them in One sided Conversation. Where we are the Authority and are telling them what to do?

Let us Continue to look at this

Luke 10:19

Look, I have given you authority over all the power of the enemy, and you can walk among snakes and scorpions and crush them. Nothing will injure you. “

What God taught Adam and Eve before their fall was this. There is a Spiritual world that coincides with and overlaps the Physical world. So when you interact with the Physical world you will also interact with the Spiritual world.

Don ‘t Do THIS

What Adam and Eve failed to do is to take God at HIS WORD and completely understand the Gravity of what God was saying. Concerning the Spiritual things that are going on behind the scenes that affect our every day lives.


What JESUS did was the exact opposite. JESUS understood that his Physical presence and Actions were a direct message and response to God AND a direct attack and response to the position of Satan in this world.

So why do Christians too much today walk around oblivious of the Spiritual nature of our world that is all around us and in fact right up in our faces and our families every day. We resemble Adam and Eve more than JESUS.

I encourage you brethren to be more like JESUS!!!

Identify Expose Cast Out Demons

Have you ever encountered something in your life or in someone else’s life and you said… That ‘s weird … I learned that when something strikes you as weird than you have probably spotted a demonic string. There is something going on.

Interesting enough, I heard Minister Perry Stone say the same thing in one of his teachings. Bingo, I believe that is certainly what I call a HOLY SPIRIT key.

Have you ever encountered churches or ministers and you say. That is weird … It may be the signage on the church or something that you see. Be careful because they may be involved in Demonic activity.

Have you ever talked to Demons? If not why not JESUS did all the time.

  • What is your Name Mark 5:9
  • Satan Get Thee Behind Me Matthew 16:23
  • Man shall not live by Bread alone but by Every Word that Proceeded from the Mouth of God Matthew 4:4

So if JESUS talked to Demons why have we gotten so fancy in our Modern church era? I know we have totally eradicated the works of Satan in the life of Christian and the Non believer.

Our society is spanking clean. Everything is great. Revival is everywhere. Of course, we know that this is not true. We are in great need in the church and the world for Satan to be exposed and Cast out of places that he should not be.

What are the Aim, Goal, and Mission of Demons?

  • Change the Way you Think
  • Change the Way you Act
  • Instill Fear into Human Beings
  • Cause Confusion
  • Create a Fog that Hides the Sun…aka Son of God
  • Put Human beings into bondage
  • Kill, Steal, and Destroy
  • Carry a Message that is the Opposite of JESUS
  • Stop God ‘s people from Worsphiping God and Reaching Others
  • Destroy the works of JESUS, the Church, and You

Ok now that we see some of the Aims and Characteristics of Demons. Go ahead and name a Modern Mental disorder. Depression, Schizophrenia , Bipolar etc. They fit quite nicely into these categories I think you would agree.

The top Two things that Demons which to do is to

  1. Change the Way You Think
  2. Change the Way You Act

Tonight on my way home from work. I felt Satan try to contact me like he usually does. There is a woman I used to know doing witchcraft on me. Through Spiritual Warfare I have grown in Wisdom and Stature and through experience I understand how to

  • Identify Demonic Activity
  • Deal with and Fight Demons
  • Cast Demons Out
  • Expose the Works of Satan
  • Conduct Spiritual Warfare on a Macro and Micro scale

This is why I am sharing this with the world at the risk of sounding…. Crazy. Even to Christians. You say that someone is doing Witchcraft on you and people think that you are crazy. When, is clearly seen in the Bible. If you are not Casting out Demons and Speaking the WORD to Demons than you are probably not doing what you should for God.

This is not entirely your fault if your fault at all. Pastors are not teaching what JESUS taught or lived. If our Pastors are not leading God ‘s sheep than what hope do the sheep have?


Yet we must Rightfully divide the Word of Truth for ourselves and see exactly what is going on. Being Led by the HOLY SPIRIT we see what is going on and what needs to be done.


Let ‘s go further:

Why would a man want to be with another man or a woman want to be with another woman? Because Satan has convinced them by force that this is how they should think.

How do you know this?

The Serpent Came to Eve

Satan tempted JESUS

Satan entered Judas

The Kingdom of God suffers violence and the violent attacks by force.

Satan puts people in prisons. Many times these are prisons of their minds and bodies.

So this is why JESUS came! He came to destroy the works of the Devil. He came to set the captives free! He came to expose Satan and give us Power and Authority over him.

If you talked to the average Christian or Pastor and told them that you talked to a Demon in Spiritual Warfare then they would probably think that you are crazy. This is a very sad and quite scary thing because JESUS himself talked to Demons on several occasions.

So if JESUS talked to demons and cast them out of many people doing his life and the Apostles also had encounters with the Demon possessed after JESUS left the Earth then why not you and I?

is it outside the realm of possibility that a Christian would encounter demons and demon activity. Unfortunately in our Modern Christian experience sound Spiritual Warfare tactics of how to discern and fight Satan are not being taught.

This is of great concern because too many Christians and other people are being targeted by Demons and Witchcraft and they have no idea what is going on. They think that they have done something wrong or that they are crazy. Instead of understanding that they are simply in Spiritual Warfare.

This is a great advantage to Satan. Because of this he can use and abuse that person because they have been told by society and the church that the voices that they hear are because of a chemical imbalance in their brain.

Which you might have. But that does not mean that you are not dealing with a Demonic attack that needs to be dealt with by Christian Spiritual Warfare strategies and tactics.

Demonic Strategies that Impact Our Daily Lives

When we think of the story of Judas betraying JESUS. Many times we do not think of a Demonic strategy to stop the momentum of JESUS. But let ‘s think about what actually happened.

JESUS was defying the Satanic World Order that was started when Adam and Eve sinned in the garden


JESUS had started a fire of Healings and Casting out Demons in the world that had never been seen


JESUS was the answer to the power of the Government and the Need of the people. Both strongholds of Satan up until that time and remains today. Yet there are many places around the world that because of JESUS have free governments , free people and prosperous economies .


JESUS had upset the Religious power structure that kept people bound spiritually and mislead people about God


JESUS showed people the way to worship God in Spirit and in Truth.


JESUS was in the fact the Way, the Truth, and the Life, The Living Bread and the Living Water


JESUS was Training an Army of Disciples to bring down Satan ‘s stronghold in the Earth


Because of these things you can see why Satan wanted to

  • take JESUS out by killing all the babies under the age of 2
  • Tried to arrest and kill JESUS on several occasions
  • Had to Stop what JESUS was doing by any means nescceary

So what did Satan do to stop JESUS? He was already using the Pharisees to control the religious system of Israel and to control the people of the world through evil governments like the Romans.

But even more directly Satan needed to impact the daily lives of human beings in order to attack JESUS. First Satan tried on many occasions to persuade JESUS himself to bow down and worship him and to do other things that would’ve caused JESUS to harm himself or to sin.

JESUS of course did not fall for it!!!

But now we see with Judas that Satan used what we would call Demonic activity to enter Judas and to cause him to betray JESUS.

So what can we learn from this?

  1. There IS a Satanic aka Demonic Large Scale Strategy to Stop the Works of God on the Earth
  2. If you are a Child of God you will see Direct and Personal Demonic attacks on your Mind and those around you
  3. Demonic attacks are used to Paralyze, Stop, instill fear into you so that you stop Serving God, Stop Maturing into your Ministry and Stop the Fruitfulness that God wants to get out of you
  4. Satan cannot have God ‘s Children Healing people, Preaching about JESUS, and Helping the Poor and Setting Captives Free. So he must Stop you with Demonic Activity

So why do so many Pastors and Christians do not recognize the works of Satan in our daily lives.

We see in the ministry of JESUS and the Apostles that Satan is causing so much trouble. Just like he told God in Job. I am going around seeking whom I can devour. The Apostle Peter cosigned on that. Satan is going around the Earth seeking whom he can devour.

But we do not believe that Demons are a present force in the Earth. With so many mental disorders, sickness, depression, drug addiction , sexual immorality, and foolishness that is going on in our society and governments. Family strife, Divorce, abuse of children, Abuse of women, and the attack on Men. On and on.

This is why the Apostle Paul says Stand against the Wiles of the Devil. Put on the Full Armour of God. So that you can stand against Satan in that evil day.

The Powers of darkness are coming. We must be ready.

Churches, Pastors and Christians have to more aware and more able to train and help those who are being attacked and harassed by Demons.

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