If You Want Something Done Right Pt. 1 : Spiritual Determination


Have you ever thought about in every Superhero movie there are good guys and bad guys. The Good guys have attributes and weakness and the bad guys have attributes and weakness. If it were not so than it would be no contest. They will even throw in some allies of the Super hero and allies of the bad guy.

Without the allies of the Superhero he or she would never win the whole fight. Without the allies of the bad guys they would never get in great blows to the good guys.

But in fact when you go to the movies you are going to see how the plot and the action is going to come together. You get your popcorn , soda and all your snacks. The movie builds up to the action. Ohhh Ooooh wowww. That was cool.

Of course there is a place in the movie where the good guy is hurt or is wounded by the bad guys. Because the bad guys always have an  opportunity to win. It is really like real life. Sometimes things are just that close.

But sadly to say. Hollywood’s depiction of Good vs Evil is actually a lot more realistic than Christians.


Many times Christians act like we are Superheroes without a very powerful enemy who is very cunning. And we act like when I side kicks don ‘t show up that we are always going to win the battle or even the war.

The truth of the matter is Real Life Spiritual warfare between the Good guys and the Bad guys means strategy, tactics, allies, responsibility, and trust. If your team does not have it. You better get some more allies.

If your church is not your ally. FIND ANOTHER CHURCH. If your Pastor is not your ally. FIND ANOTHER PASTOR. If your husband or your wife is not your ally. FIND ANOTHER HUSBAND OR WIFE if you need too.

Spiritual warfare is too hot and heavy for you to go at it alone for too long.

For those who are about to fall out of their religious chair because I said that. Watch a Batman man and Robin movie. Or watch a basketball game. What would happen if everytime Batman was counting on Robin to help him he was not there or even helping the Joker. How long would you think Batman would last?

If your favorite basketball team had a player who was doing his own thing. How could they win a single game?

You need a plan b when all hell breaks loose and you are standing with the ball and it is 1 against 5.



But this post and series is about what happens when those who have been called to help you abandon you or even oppose you. Think it not strange. It happened to JESUS and the Apostle Paul had issues with his help as well.

You need to have a plan to get through the lean times without your sworn help. And you need to know when it is time to FIRE people because you can no longer go with an imposter or enemy in that spot.

As a person in spiritual authority that GOD has placed me in. You want to delegate your authority to people you have come into relationship and covenant with. But I tell you one thing. Not people want to work with you. Not all people have the same agenda as you.

So as the old saying goes. If you want something done right. You better do it yourself.


Some people are straight up liars and thieves. They tell you that they will help you but in reality they never have any intention to help you. You anoint them and say ok you are a minister. Or you are our music leader. Or you are my wife. UP OLE… The people take these positions in your life. Very important positions. But they have no intention of actually working with you.

They only intend to get a pay check, a title, or just simply oppose you. Be a thorn in your side. You signed the contract they say… You owe me three more years. Divorces are pretty nasty you better just deal with me. That is their mindset sometime. I made it. I did it. I got what I wanted.



Sometimes people just are not capable of doing the job that they were called for. This may not be as nefarious but yet it is just as dangerous. The reason why they are not capable is because they will not trust God to use them. They will not humble themselves before God or you. They will not work hard and they think that you should be happy with them.

In fact they think that you should love them with open arms . As you watch your ministry, home, or business fall to pieces.

While you have to think of  how you are going to meet your responsibilities. You now have to do more than one job. Because you cannot allow for the job that you delegated to go undone. Or to be done by someone with the wrong spirit.


Painful. It hurts. It is awful being in that position. But who would do something like that? Who would take a position and then do the opposite. I believe that this is the work of the occult. It is people with hidden agendas who like to pretend to be something that they are not.

The same way some will go into a grocery store and steal day after day and week after week. There are people who will come into your life and take up space. Waste your time and steal from you emotionally, physically, and spiritually. IF YOU ALLOW THEM TO


Many people these days talk a might big game. As if we are so strong and in fact Superman and Superwoman. But if you examine their lives and also their ministries. With the scale of the Apostles you see that they do not meet the muster. They fall short. They preach, teach, or counsel you to be perfect almost. A Superman or Superwoman. But even Superman had a weakness. Cryptonite. You have to make Superheros with a weakness. Because if you did not no one would believe the story because they know that it is not based in any kind of reality.

But modern day Christians are taught that their Pastors are Superhuman and Pastors counsel their members in too many cases to be superhuman as well. This just in. Not possible.

So if you delegate your authority to someone and you have to do it yourself anyway. What good is the delegation of authority if the person is not doing their very important job. Actually if they are more of a problem than a help? If if is your husband or your wife. GET RID OF THEM. If you deem it necessary.

Don ‘t listen to people even Pastors tell you that you can be married by yourself. That was NEVER God ‘s intention for marriage. That you would live with and sworn enemy who is abusing their position and not fulfilling their roles.

That defies the very definition of marriage. A house divided will fall. JESUS said that.



You really need to separate yourselves from this. If you keep people who have plotted out your destruction around you. Who see you hurting and working hard but they will not help you. You are asking for BIG trouble. This is not a regular enemy. This is a demonic attack against you on the level Judas. Why do you think Satan recruited Eve and Judas. He needed someone close to the target to take him down. He did not use an enemy. He used a friend. You must not allow this.

Because if you are not careful you will fall into sin. Out of frustration and human need. People will try to tell you that you should be superman and not fall into sin because someone let you down on purpose or because you had some Judas opposition in your church or family.



I will tell you that you were not made to carry the whole load. You were made to delegate your authority. If not why did Moses need men to hold up his arms during an Israelite battle. When his arms fell they lost the battle. When men held his arms up they won the battle.

The Elders came to Moses and told him that he needed to delegate his authority. But if no helped Moses the fact is that he would of lost. People would of been hurt. And people would fall into sin.


Because organization and productivity is a byproduct of Authority , delegation, and passion. If you do not have these important things in your church, home, or business you will fell.

So if even you spouse is an imposter occult opposition like Judas. I would advise you if you feel that you cannot fulfil what you need to. To get rid of the enemies within. And find yourself a replacement.


There is no organization that will work if you are doing it all yourself for too long. Even JESUS came to Earth and found 12 men to delegate his authority too. He ended up doing it himself at the end anyway.

But he could not of done it without the 12…then the 11. When Judas dropped out.

But even along the way JESUS weeded out the phonies and the would be oppositon. Those who did not pass the test of Gideon if you would.


You are better off doing it yourself or cutting staff than having people who are not chosen on your team. It ‘s time to be about your FATHERS business. Get in the board room . Have a conversation with this person and point to them. YOUR FIRED. 🙂

No really your fired. I don ‘t need you anymore. I am better off doing this myself.

You are taking up space. I will hire someone else or do it myself.

It gets so bad that you stop asking that person to do even the simplest task. Because you know you will get frustrated with them lying in your face. Saying that they will do it but the end up not doing it. Or half way doing it.


Finally you get to the point where you realize that you are responsible for everything. God put you in charge. So there is no excuse for failure. You need to stop being religious and worrying what other people will think. And FIRE that person. Do it yourself. Make sure the job is done.

The quicker you come to the point that I had to come to and start doing everything yourself the quicker you will realize how strong you are. How useless your so called partners were.

How evil they are how great GOD is to have so much faith in you to overcome such odds. Like Job God thinks that you will overcome great odds.



So stop making excuses. Survey the field like a CEO. See what you need to get the basic things in your life done and what you need to do the things of your ministry done . Make the tough decisions you need to. Be honest with yourself and others. If they have let you down tell them that they have let you down.

If you know that you will never be able to go further with this person on your team. You need to make a decision. How long will you be putting up with this holding you back in life?

Can you afford to stay in one place? How much did it hurt the children of Israel to keep going around the same mountain for 40 years?

God asked them how long shall you go around this mountain? Understand that when you do not make a decision to go for the real deal goals in your life. You put yourself in danger.


The Dead sea is the Dead sea because there is no movement. It is a lake without an outlet. Because it has so much salt content concentrated in one place if anything was alive in the Dead Sea it would die. If there were outlets into bigger bodies of water than maybe the salt would not be as concentrated. But there is no outlets.

If we have relationships without any outlets, goals, or purpose. We will die in them. There is nothing to feed off of.

It is not made of the right stuff so nothing is alive in the Dead sea. If your relationships are not made of the right stuff you will never have anything.

Only bacteria and fungi live in the Dead Sea. Yuck. That is how my life was before I decided to do everything myself despite my spouse. Yuck who would want to be apart of my life?

Until I did everything I could to separate from such a terrible person who did not have my back. But watched me and my child suffer through tough years of hurt, pain, sickness, and other things that are surefire sins. For someone who called himself a friend and a wife.

I stopped making excuses, I made a decision, and I got better. Until I found my replacement for this imposter.



After I wrote the above section about the Dead Sea. The HOLY SPIRIT told me to look up more about the Dead Sea. Amazingly and this happens to me alot. The Experts proved me right. Leading to believe God let me to this great analogy of what bad relationship can be like. Living in the Dead Sea.

What an Oxymoron that is. People want you to live in a Dead Sea. Very hard to do. Impossible actually. Only bad things to happen. This article uses the EXACT same logic as I did. EXACT same term. NO OUTLET.

These occult relationships have NO OUTLET. You have no way of winning except to end these relationships. They are not sustainable. If you are living in a Dead Sea relationship. You can only do so for so long. If you have any ambition of doing something great.

Unless you are able to do it alone. Without any help. And you want to fight inside opposition all your life.


This site answers the question Why is the Dead Sea so Salty . The answer amazes me how I got it so right. NO OUTLET. Even more so…. Occult people they go sooo low. The DEAD SEA is the DEEPEST CONTINENTAL BASIN ON EARTH . So it deadly and DEEP.

These people are very deadly. Run away from them. A Prophet has to tell you this. To correct the religious foolery that is going on in the church these days.

“The Dead Sea rests in the deepest continental basin on Earth. At 1,300 feet below sea level, the Dead Sea basin is able to accept flowing water from uphill sources, such as the Sea of Galilee. However, there is no downhill drainage area into which the sea can drain. This means that the only way for water to escape the Dead Sea basin is by evaporation.

When river water, which is always slightly salty, flows into a sump, all of its dissolved salts are carried with it. If the lake has an outlet, these salts can be carried along to the sea, and the lake remains fresh. Without an outlet, however, slightly brackish water can only evaporate, leaving behind its salts. This concentrates salt in the basin as more water flows in, only to deposit more salt and evaporate.”

I also just found out that the DEAD SEA is the LOWEST PLACE on Earth!!!! You got to be kidding me. I am learning that the


Quote from this site. WOW. Amazing

” The Dead Sea has had many names throughout history. The Scriptures refer to it as the “Salt Sea” (Numbers 34:3), the “Sea” (Ezekiel 47:8), and the “Eastern Sea” (Joel 2:20). Other designations in history include the “Sea of Asphalt,” the “Stinking Sea, and the “Devil’s Sea.”

It may seem hard to believe, but the region used to be a well-watered area—as lush and attractive as the Garden of Eden. But God’s judgment on Sodom and Gomorrah changed the area’s fertility to a desolate expanse that represented judgment on sin (Genesis 13:10; Deuteronomy 29:23; Jeremiah 17:6). The evaporation hovering over the Dead Sea gives a constant haze over its surface. It reminds me of the furnace-like smoke that rose from the valley after the destruction of Sodom (Genesis 19:28). “

There may be people who can wait for JESUS to come back. I am not one of them in my marriage. I am seeking a divorce….

Although I have other lawful things for my divorce as well. But I tell my story for those who may not have lawful reasons that STICK OUT. Like I do. Many times I forget that I have lawful reason to divorce. So I have been building up my case otherwise. I will share with you the Biblical science of what God showed me in a post called

The MARRIAGE TRAP. Soon to come!




NOTE: The Dead Sea was not made for life.


Have ever been in these positions? What happened to you? How did you handle it?

Give me some advice and others out there! Thank you all

For those who have been in this very tough position. God bless you! You shall overcome because JESUS has already overcome the world!!!


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