Halloween: The Holiday Based off Fear

What if you created a day that is based off of fear and being scared. Then millions and Millions of people across the world joined in. If you were the King of Fear, paranoia, and Scaring people you would feel pretty good about that. Well now you see how Christians feel about Halloween.

I am 42 years old an only over the past couple of years have I taken a truly deeper look at this day of Fear to see what it really is. I was never raised to celebrate Halloween although my parents did allow us to dress up and go Trick or Treating. But we understood that this was not a Christian Holiday.

Now that I am older I see the Deep demonic foundation of Halloween. While I cannot say that it is a huge danger to people’s souls or lives. I will say that it is certainly not a help and it has the potential of seeding some bad thought processes within people.

So why play around with something as dark as Halloween. In a day an age where fear based sickness is common place, crisis levels and big business. We have a Holiday that is based off fear. While the day of CHRIST birthday who came to rescue us from fear is controversial.

The Character of Halloween is:

  • Based off Fear
  • Taken on a False Identity
  • Being Someone Else
  • Not Being Yourself
  • Seeking to Be Scared
  • Witchcraft Rituals
  • Demonic Basis
  • Introducing Children to Darkness

Haunted Houses:

I think it safe to say that we all want a safe and peaceful home. So why do we go to Haunted Houses? Creating a false and staged scene just so that we can pay to go into a dark place to be scared.

Take a look at how far people take Haunted Houses in this article about a town with one that is so dangerous someone created a Petition to shut it down. Now that is a really scary thought if you ask me.

Fear: A Powerful Tool of Satan

I will tell you as a person who has been attacked by Demons sent by people practicing the occult Fear is a powerful weapon of Satan. Fear caused powerful men in the Bible like Elijah to run from Jezebel. It was Fear that sent the disciples running as when JESUS was taking into custody and it was Fear that caused Abraham to lie to the King as he as his wife passed through his Kingdom.

Fear gave the Father of our Faith Abraham Ishmael. As he did not have enough faith to wait for God to bring him a son so he listened to his wife and had a child with one of his wife ‘s servants.

Fear is a powerful tool in our lives if we do not understand how to overcome it and build up our faith. Fear will cause people to use drugs, abuse alcohol, fall into depression, develop health problems with stress, complicate and destroy relationships, and shipwreck people’s finances.

It was Fear that Goliath used to freeze the whole nation of Israel for almost 40 days until a little Shepherd Boy named David who did not have fear said who is the Uncircumcised Philistine that is coming against the armies of the Living God?

The Radical Muslims today use Terror attacks and Propaganda to instill fear into their enemies civilian population while using Fear of their enemies based on lies in order to keep their own population angry at their foes.

Authoritarian Governments use fear of imprisonment and death to keep their populations in check and to keep themselves in power. They also have fear that if they relinquish their power that they will die at the hand of the civilian population and army that they control.

Fear is a devastating thing that Satan uses.

So why do we want to celebrate or practice Halloween?

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