GOD send your Angels



GOD we pray that you send your Angels down to protect us. God send your Angels down to encamp round about us. God do not just surround us with your Angels but enfill us with your power and your presence.

God Send down your fire like on the day of Pentecost. A fresh fire a fresh and powerful wind. We want to see signs and wonders every day.

We want to go out and tell people about you. Preaching and teaching your word like Peter did on the day of Pentecost. We want to experience this fire. The fire that has us focused on you and your will each and every day. The fire that propels us and drives us.

Oh God we pray that you send your Angels like you did for Isaiah . Send your Angels to come down with the coals to cleanse our Lips. So that we can go . So that we can go and do your will. God cleanse our lips and send us oh God to speak to your people.

Send us to provide justice. Send us to provide liberty. Send us to provide healing. Send us to deliver.


Oh God we go back to Genesis when you said LET US. Let us create man in our image. And you gave us the commandment. Be fruitful and multiply. God you have not changed. It was just that Adam messed up and then you sent JESUS to clean up.

AT Sodom and Gomorrah you said LET US.

In the same spirit When the HOLY SPIRIT came to the Virgin Mary you said LET US create JESUS CHRIST EMMANUEL GOD WITH US.

With JESUS you said LET US live a life of purity so you can be called the LAMB OF GOD. The perfect sacrifice.  For unless a corn of wheat fall to ground and die… It will remain alone but if it does die it will bring forth such a harvest. . So

On the cross you said LET US die for man kind.

And then on the day of Pentecost you said LET US fill mankind with our SPIRIT.

From Pentecost you say LET US . Let God and man be fruitful and multiply. You have not changed from way back to GENESIS . You have just found a more perfect way. This time you fill the Temples of men instead of just the Church Temples of Isaiah.

You cleanse our lips from the inside. You send us to go to the speak to your people.

Now you say LET US man kind and GOD. LET US now that JESUS has found a way to be a bridge between man and GOD. To bring that that was broken back into place. Man and God working together in perfect union.

LET US  go and preach and teach the gospel. Thank you JESUS . LET US.




So God send your Angels to fight your battles. Send your Angels to clear the way. Send your Angels to speak to us. Send your Angels to open doors. Send your Angels oh God.

LORD OF HOST. LORD OF HEAVENS ARMIES. The CAPTAIN OF THE HOST. You have never shied from a battle.

You are ready to fight. You are ready to jump into the battle. You are ready to shed your blood. You are ready to lay down your life. What great HONOR you have. What great VALOR you have oh God!!!

You put on LIGHT as your Garment. You put on your war clothes. You fight and defeat the darkness. You overcome the world.


So God you are so kind to allow us to join in to battle with you. Ha ha ha!!! You allow us to carry your armour. The Full of Armour of God. You allow us to fast and pray. Hmmmm. You allow us to read our bibles the Sword of the spirit.

You allow us to walk in peace. You allow us to put on our helmet of Salvation. You allow us to have faith the size of a mustard seed to move mountains. You allow us to be sheep in the midst of wolves. Ha ha ha!!!

Yet still win the battles.

You allow us to speak and it is so. You allow us to join together in 2 or 3 and there you are in the midst.

You allow us to come together in unity. And amazing things happen. You allow us to walk in your footsteps to be just like Daddy. You allow us to put on your clothes. The Clothes of Righteousness.

You allow us to pick up our cross and follow you. You allow us to be victors as we suffer like you suffer. You allow us to reign like you reign. You allow us to die like you died. Nod to Peter.

You allow us to rise like you rise!!! You allow us the foolishness of preaching. That we might by hearing the preaching have faith . For faith comes by hearing. But how could they hear if they did not have a preacher. And how would they have a preacher if he was not sent.

So God we pray for your Angels to come. We pray for your Fire. We pray for your presence. God we pray that you LET US!!!! Let us oh God. Let US .




Oh God we will see miracles like never seen before. We will see power like we never saw before. We will see the dead rise from the grave. We will see disease healed. We pray it in the name of JESUS. We will see hearts turn to God like never before.

We thank you for the ability to see oh God. The ability to see your will. We thank you for the ability to have faith oh God. To physically see less and to see darkness. But to pray for, hope for, and expect that there shall be light.

We thank you oh God for the ability to press through the darkness. We thank you oh God for the ability to go over the mountains. We thank you oh God for the ability to turn water into wine. To celebrate your Goodness.

For at the wedding. Oh my God. What if your first miracle was your way of Prophetically saying to man kind. I AM here . It is finished. Crack open the best stuff. Because we are getting married.

See we thought that JESUS was there to see a wedding. But in fact he was showing us in his first miracle the future of JESUS and mankind.

For JESUS IS THE BRIDEGROOM. The church is GOD’s bride. So when Mary mother of JESUS said whatever he says do it.

If the church would do whatever JESUS says. He will turn water into wine. At our wedding. He will make the normal sweet. Super natural .

JESUS is here at the wedding. LET US!!!

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