Father forgive them for they KNOW NOT: Message from the cross



JESUS sent a very powerful statement from the cross to both his children and to Satan and his occult children. In my previous writing I addressed how JESUS when he was on the cross said some of the most powerful words ever spoken on Earth or in heaven. I do not know what could be more powerful. While the most powerful person in the Universe and in Heaven , Earth, and below was hanging on a cross that should of been you and me except we WERE/ARE NOT WORTHY so it would not of mattered anyway.

No man put JESUS upon the cross he laid his life down. But while he was upon the cross instead of saying FATHER curse them. Or even FATHER punish them for their deeds killing a good man and persecuting you people. JESUS said FATHER forgive them for they KNOW NOT what they do.

In my previous writing I write about this powerful moment and how yes it is powerful in and of itself. No need to add any revelation to this moment. It speaks for itself….

But in relation to the ministry that GOD has called me too. Exposing Satan for who he is. A low down, dirty snake who is a coward who hides in the grass to steal eggs from other animals who leave their nest to go find food and to do other chores.

His children are low down and dirty cowards just like he is. They will never come out and say I serve Satan and I hate you. But they lie, steal, cheat, distort and murder under the shadow of love , peace, friendship and yes even ministry.

GOD showed me that when HE was on the cross and he said forgive them for they KNOW NOT what they do. It was also the HOLY SPIRIT the Way, the TRUTH, and the LIFE raising his flag above those who were occult in the crowd. The Pharisees and Judas. And every child of Satan to come after them. They KNOW NOT what they do. They are so ignorant and in the dark about what is going on. They are in fact insane. So FATHER forgive them.

JESUS words on the cross were like seeds planted in the ground . IT IS FINISHED. FATHER forgive them… for they KNOW NOT what they do. ┬áHis Death was like the dirt over his seeds. It covered the seeds to protect them and to germinate them.

JESUS rising from the dead is the water that comes add to the life of the seed and to further the germination of the seed. Showing himself to the FATHER in heaven after his death is like the that seed sprouting out of the ground with it ‘s first limb above the ground saying I was planted deep into the ground and forgotten. NOW I rise above the ground alive and a new creature that you never knew before.

JESUS words on the cross aka the seeds they speak through the generations and they speak through eternity . So much that Paul in the New Testament was able to describe the victory at the cross by JESUS by saying these words, OH DEATH WHERE IS THY STING?

So we have soooo many reasons not to be afraid the occult. Though men like David foretold of some might scary things that we often time do not think of like. Yea though I walk through the valley in the shadow of death…. Wow what a picture. We do not think about it because he finishes the sentence with I shall fear no evil ha ha ha!!! Because your Rod and thy Staff they comfort me!!! I believe the power of the HOLY SPIRIT vs the darkness of the occult!!!

We shall fear no evil!!! Thank you JESUS. At the cross JESUS said all power has been giving to me on in heaven and Earth. His words told even Satan that you KNOW NOT what you have done here at this cross ha ha ha!!! Because I AM about to send down the HOLY SPIRIT with fire at Pentecost. And release a firestorm that even your crown jewel Roman Empire will not know what to do with.

You are about to see JESUS in the mouth of billions of people millions of times a day and on their mind every second of the day. You are about to see your kingdom ha. So very temporary, fake , and false fall by the hand of these weak and detestable vessels of dirt created to replace you and to make you jealous with rage. And then to be apart of my plan to get rid of you once and for all. Actually they are the centerpiece. For I became a man so that I could avenge their loss. For my children are like me they always win even when they lose.

So at the cross Satan and his Occult children was sent a powerful message. Your reign of terror is over.


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