Elijah vs Jezebel End Times


The spirit of Jezebel is an end time spirit. It is spoken of in Revelation. And it has much to do with the church. For Jezebel ruled with Ahab the King of Israel. Israel being a type of the church. Kings being a type of Pastors.

Why do you think that God is sending Elijah and Moses back as the Two Witnesses ? They are not coming back for no picnic. LOL . But Elijah is coming back to clean up and fight the spirit of Jezebel.


If it is to be Elijah and Moses who comes back as the Two Witnesses in the Tribulation period. I believe the reason why it will be those two is because they will be the spirits of men who had to have firm faith in GOD despite all odds.

They both had to go up against their kin. Which is the hardest thing to do sometimes. But they had to say NO thus saith the LORD. But also and this is the main vein of this post.

They both were sent to deliver Israel from wicked leadership and bondage. So that they could worship JEHOVAH freely

Egypt and Jezebel were deeply rooted Satanic entities. In the tribulation time Satan will be deeply rooted for sure. The basis of what Earth is about.

So these two are greatly suited for this job.


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