Apostle Alexander Pagni Reveals How to Command Demons: Jennifer Leclaire Awakening Network Podcast

Saints of God it is time for war. Put on your War Clothes Baby!!!

If you are going through heavy spiritual warfare this Podcast from the Jennifer Leclaire Awakening Network is a must listen too. I tell you Apostle Alexander Pagni does not pull any punches about how to Command Demons with Whispers and Gestures. In other words how to Cast demons out of your and others territory without having to act unseemly.

As some would say. But I do not want you to focus on the manner in which you Cast out the Demons. But the fact that you have the power and authority to Cast out demons giving to you by JESUS CHRIST.

As a person who is no stranger to Spirtual Warfare I will tell you that I second many of the things that Apostle Alexander says here.

  • It is not a formula
  • But is Fundamental
  • Let by the HOLY SPIRIT
  • You do not have to yell to cast out demons
  • Deliverance is not fighting the dark it is like turning on the Lights! Aka Focus on JESUS and your relationship with him. Bring God into the situation

I can feel God Moving throughout this Podcast

This is a great God breathed Word from God to fight the demonic realm and encourage Believers. One of the things that I find that Satan picks on the most the Christians lack of Confidence in fighting the Demonic realm. By using fear, condemnation, and lack of knowledge. He gets us to cower when we hear voices, see things, or feel a demonic force come in our home or our personal life.

Apostle Pagni shows us how to do it. You get up and Fight that no good Devil head on. God is with you. You have the power and the authority. Apostle Pagni is walking in that Power and Authority and passing this very important knowledge on to us.

As I was reading the text in Acts 19 while listening to this broadcast I felt the oppression lift from off me! I came to Jennifer Leclaire’s YouTube in order to go into deeper Spiritual Warfare! Thank you JESUS! Thank you, Alexander and Jennifer!!!

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